90% tech colleges flouting norms: AICTE official

In a startling revelation, one of the officials from All
India Council for Technical education has admitted that around 90 per cent of
the institutes in the country are flouting norms. The supply has surpassed the
demand which has created a pool of sub-standard institutes.

Revealing the same, AICTE adviser MK Hada said, “In a
surprise inspection conducted by AICTE in 400 colleges, as many as 350 were
found not fulfilling basic norms stipulated by the council.”

While attending a one-day workshop on ‘Approval process and
e-governance’ at Lucknow University, he spoke on the problem of poor admissions
plaguing technical institutions as a result of which over hundreds of technical
colleges across the country have sent their request to AICTE for closure,
reported Times of India.

Hada informed 154 technical colleges had failed to fulfill
norms laid down by the council. “We will send notice to these colleges
asking them to overcome their deficiency. In case they fail to do it, they will
not be given extension for the next academic session. Students in these
institutes will be shifted to others.”

AICTE is organizing an all India workshop chain to
disseminate information on AICTE’s online approval process. So far, 25 states
have been covered.

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23 thoughts on “90% tech colleges flouting norms: AICTE official”

  1. this is lack of aicte because they are take action against them in punjab 99% colleges give the less pay than according to aicte and take the sign according to aicte you think that salaries of employ is according to aicte.
    govt increase the salaries as well as mehgayi but private colleges not increase the salary salaries are about 8000 to 18000 in private colleges
    load of teachers are so high from according to aicte staff is not completed they show fraud staff check the staff

  2. What actions have been taken on these 350 colleges? Nothing every one knows. AICTE people/MHRD gets 3-4 crores bribe & gives NOC/approvals

  3. It would be a good idea to collect confidential feed back about each and every technical institution from students. They can reveal the reality of academics, training, administration, and whatever bothers the AICTE and other stake holders.
    It is also high time to take up an academic audit of each institution. Many of the FACTS are not known, but money continues to be spent. With emphasis on earning money, teaching is of least concern to any one, be it the MHRD, AICTE or NAAC.

    –Professor R K Singh

  4. there are irregulirities in govt , engin college but AICTE taking action against private college , who spend 8 to 10 crorer rs , lacuna in AICTE rules that they demand staff as per intake but in fact , a college have 25% ,30% etc addmission ration , in this case also aicte dimanding staff as per intake , this is irrilivent and injustis to collage , is it possibe to colleges to give payment less admission . another matter is that team who come for inspection they demand bribe and if colleges denide they give false report , but at the time of appeal aicte not accept this fact . and bleam on college . and also give balance of conveniance to olde college , they never inspect new college and allwo them increase in intake ,additional branch , this is injustice to a new college who are trying to give education in ruler area .

  5. nothing surprising. it might be 95% of the colleges. with fee reimbursement programme in AP, setting up of engineering college more lucrative than starting any business venture. this year, in AP, no student joined in atleast 80 colleges despite cleared by AICTE. So students are wiser than our officials. i appreciate the courage shown by the official.

  6. Why to blame AICTE for the deceitful practices of Institutions who are supposed to deliver and work towards human resource development of our country.It is our collective onus implement the norms/regulations as stated in the guideline document. AICTE or No AICTE everybody can decipher easily what is right and wrong. Let us do our bit of honesty and the things shall fall in line


  7. The AICTE should learn from it’s own experience & observations. It should act as parental governing body rather than the wath dog. The educational ambience globally as compared with Indian, excluding the advanced rich western countries. The need of the hour is to advance in the field of technology, quality education , knowledge based teaching & learning. The need of the hour is to compete with recession, inflation and building strong knowledgeable India. The AICTE officers should not forget their almamater, facilities then and what they should demand in present situation.

  8. If AICTE finds institutions that do not follow norms, then it should de-recognise the institutions and not go about saying institutions are flouting rules. That is what AICTE is for. Think of the young generation (and their parents) that is being taken for a ride for by these institutions.

  9. Most of the colleges are not run as educational institutions.They are treated as business ventures.This is the root cause for most of the maladies plaguing the colleges,especially the engineering colleges

  10. If AICTE fails to monitor 90% of colleges, then it should be abolished. AICTE and MCI have already earned name for bribery. Let the affiliating Universities control the standard of their colleges.

  11. Thank you Dr.R.K.Singh and C.R.Patil for your valuable suggestions and bold comments. In this era, India has people (who are amongst the rulers) who fall under a category called “BUFFALOES”. Whatever you do to/with them or criticize them however you want, they are always in the ‘do not care’ mode.
    If Mr.Hada is sincerely accepting the facts, then let us be little humane and wait for his any action. Who knows he might turn into a Prophet/Maseeha for the Technical Institutions. AICTE first announced that IITs will train some 30000 Technical teachers, and then it came up with a public notice calling on Govt. or Private Engineering colleges who can train these 30000. See the ignorance. Why should we vote?

  12. sir mere collage wale 25 student ka form forward nahi kar rahi aur fine jabaran lete he aur gali bakte he, aap logo ko dusri baar likh raha hu , lekin aap log kuch action nahi le rahe ho,,,hamare future ja raha he , lekin aap lo kuch karte hi nahi ho aur collage kaisa he bina dekhe hi aprove kar dete ho ,hamara future kharab ho raha he , gali bakte he fine lete he aur kuch nahi study karate he,hamara no. he 9993459032,please action plz sir