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Academic merit should be given due respect

The major problem being faced by state universities
is related to too much of political interference and academicians are leaving
the classes and running other things. Academic merit should be given due
respect and then only we will see improvement in the condition of state
universities. The other problems being faced by state universities is related
to funding as they are facing severe fund crunch, state governments are not
able to support them fully even the salary component they are not able to give.
While central universities are flooded with funds are not able to spend funds,
there is need to remove this kind of anonymity and the central government
should ensure that that the education system gets full support.


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251 thoughts on “Academic merit should be given due respect”

  1. Reporting needs improvement. Grammatical mistake ‘Othe problems…..’is’ ?
    Anonymity? It should be ‘anomaly’. Sentences are not properly punctuated.
    India Education Review should have commendable standards.

  2. Yes, 100% I will agree with Prof.Lal Kishore that Education should be free from politics and the pivotal posts like VC , Registrar and faculty selections must be based on Merit. If we don’t start now we can never reach to globe academic merits.

  3. The view of due respect to Academic merit as expressed by Prof. K. Lal Kishore, Vice-Chancellor, JNTU-A is 100% correct. Anonymity of this kind between the central & State governments should be removed to ensure the education system gets full support

  4. Prof Kishore’s concern regarding political interference is correct to some extent. But it all depends on the integrity and academic standing of the Vice Chancellor, and what modus operandi is being adopted in his selection. On the basis of my own experience as VIce Chancellor of the oldest and largest University in Odisha for three years, I had not faced any political interference because from day one I had conveyed to the political masters about my autonomy. Besides, I adhered to non-discriminatory policy towards all political parties. On the otherhand, most of the problems for the VC were being created by the teacher politicians, who had entered into the system by adopting backdoor means. As regards his view that “academic merit should be given due respect and then only we will see improvement in the condition of state universities”, I fully subscribe to his argument. One of the possible solution to overcome these problems is the process of recruitment of faculty members. The filtering process should be strictly adhered to, where the VC has to play a crucial role. To overcome the funding crunch, the central Government should play a pro active role and liberally share central funds for state universities.
    Binayak Rath

  5. In his last sentence, perhaps, Prof. Lal Kishore meant “anomaly” when he wrote “anonymity”.

  6. Sir
    I have passed BA sociology in september 2008 From Vinayaka Mission University, Salem with registration No. C516000117. University have already issued Provisional certificate and mark sheets time to time. Now i have applied for convocation degree. but university is not issue me convocation degree. When i applied in tatkal scheme for convocation degree, director directorate distance education, say degree will be issued withing one month. Now director dde not attending my phone. Please tell me how i can do it. what i can case in civil court, in punjab. Please provide information my e mail id or 8872656555

  7. Agreed. one more this is to be added. Non-teaching employee should be on contractual basis and all kinds of union related works should be restricted for the sake of academic interest.

  8. I am the worst sufferer and a political victim. With a solid academic background (278 publications and 28 books), I raised voice against the illegal appointment , but instead of looking in to the issue, I was suspended with a false and horrible charge. Still I have been kept suspended over 2 years – and my voice has been suppressed by the University authority in several ways that a person cannot imagine even. I do not know whether I will get real justice or not.

  9. I agree with the views of the professor , at the same time we need to introspect on our system whether we are at par with some of the globally accepted institutions as regards teaching methodology, Infrastructure, funding and the quality of the research out put . we should stop politicking and encourage the talent with open arms , Appreciate and acknowledge the good work done by fellow universities and try to imbibe good working culture . we can overcome all the obstacles we respect the law , the institution, and the people who make it happen

  10. School and colleges are like a temple and education is our religion. We should protect our religion. Now a days all schools, colleges, hospitals and many more basic required stuffs are owned by only politicians. They are running it like a bussiness centre keeping all the rules & regulations at aside. They dont bother about quality. Also I want to say one more point that now a days educated people are not respected and if they open mouth they are simply thrown out. I t is the question of bread and butter, one has to survive for his family and other social responsibility which is not right. This kind of privatisaion is not worth for the development of a country. One day the truth will be out. Nothing is permanent in this world. The central goverment should undertake all these institutions. They should open Goverment schools , colleges, hospitals and many more basic required stuffs which are primarily required by a common people. Then we can enjoy actual independence.

  11. Dear Sir,
    With due respect, I am delighted to know that UGC is directly inviting our views for reforms in University system. Efforts are really sincere, must be appreciated. Some of my concerns are as follows;
    Hon’ble VC Prof. K. Lal Kishore, JNTU-A has written very inspiring and vibrant line; ‘’Academic merit should be given due respect’’. But in my case my merits are being considered as demerits.
    – Why training is not equally important in University system (in India) and why equal weightage is not being given to the academicians with lots of training experience at the time of promotion or for counting past services? Though UGC and NACC, guidelines are there. For instance; for promotion of faculties, University is bound to send faculty members for orientation /refresher programmes. On the other hand if a faculty member applies against the post (University) with teaching and training experience is not being considered by university screening committee. It is quite astonishing at the same time depressing that why such kind of unfairness, incautiousness and ignorance is there?
    – It is also affecting for counting past services for faculties having teaching and training expertise. Otherwise it is clearly mentioned for internal assessment under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) in Annexure-a; the gazette of India September 18, 2010 (Bhadra 27, 1931), Part III Sec 4, Page No 7903 – 7904. For promotions, it is mandatory for a faculty to attend orientation/refresher course i.e. training (as per UGC norms). However in my case the training experience has not been counted for the post of associate professor, though it was gained from apex institution i.e. Uttarakhand Academy of Administration (UAoA; former ATI Nainital) as an Associate Professor for three years. I was selected there as an Associate Professor by proper selection committee of State Govt. through advertisement on proper scale from 2006 to 2009. Although I had joined the University on the very next day after resignation from UAoA, my teaching and training experience from UAoA/ATI are being not being counted as per CAS/UGC, 2010 rules for counting past services. It is noticeable that 4 faculties from Doon University have already been benefitted under counting past services even a faculty was given benefits’ under self finance scheme, my salary was from NIDM , Govt. of India funded by MHA (similar case).
    -This shows a bigotry and breach of guidelines of UGC and NACC. A clear-cut decision to include the training experience equal to teaching experience and inclusion of this experience for counting past services are needed . Lot many other young trainers will also be benefited by this reforms, which will help to produce future skilled human resource.
    -For establishing Himalayan Research Institute or University, is a pre-requisite to develop an “Integrated Landscape Cell”; a combination of several disciplines like; Environment and Natural Resource Management (geology, botany, pollution, waste management, geomorphology, engineering, technologies (RS and GIS), administration and socio-economic dynamics etc. should be clubbed for effective decision making. Accordingly, these issues can be addressed with full proof combined approach of planning and implementation.
    – Likewise I had published my Ph.D work in the form of book from Lap Lambert publication, Germany in February 2011, till than University was not having any 12 B recognition or rules and regulations. My book was not given proper recognition under API. Though, many eminent scholars including AICT chairman have written books with Lap Lambert and are being recognised. I had represented number of times that my publication was prior to any guidelines released by University and should not be considered with retrospective effect. Usually any rules and regulations come into force with prospective effect. But my repeated pleas were not considered and after two years I have been informed that my Ph.D work will not be considered, which is not judicious because the book was written before any law came into existence in the University and usually apply to this federal system with prospective effect. Even my work was recognised by Central University Himachal Pradesh during interview for the post of Associate Professor. Why this prejudice and injustice is being done with me only? I am deprived of my rights and feeling forced to move for justice. It is kindly requested just to save my energy to avoid unnecessary expenses; I am expecting an intervention by authorities in this regard?
    Thanking you with regards.
    Yours faithfully
    Dr. Suneet Naithani

  12. I have about more than 40 years of teaching experience and I have worked on all the posts which are available for an academician right from Assistant Professor level to The level of Principal/ Director of Engineering colleges. My humble submission is that conducting too many reforms without caring for the faculty is wrong. There service conditions should be well regulated in both the Private and Government institutions and timely benefits should be given to them as they are the instruments of the change being desired. Their exploitation should be stopped forthwith. MHRD should come up with valid and tangible proposals to end the malice. Deceiving and lip service for teaching faculty are heavy deterrents for good people to join this profession, which was once upon a time a well liked profession with dedication.



  14. In some light tete-a’-tete with a collegue at some university, there came a comment ” Vice-Chancellor is like a God in the University”

  15. Its absolutely true with regard to state universities. One more measure that can really facilitate better performance in state universities or any other institute for that matter is providing incentives to better performers in the form of increments or promotion etc..which will really encourage the talented academicians/researchers.

  16. Its really good to see such responsible responses. However owning responsibility is more critical than the identifying blame sources.
    May be the temples of education need to begin with small changes and whats preached need to be practiced.