Accreditation of universities is their health check-up: NAAC chief

The director of National Assessment and Accreditation Council H A Ranganath has said that the process of accreditation of a university can be compared to a health check-up. He said that like the health examination of human body brings out areas of concern in the same manner accreditation help diagnose the academic loopholes in an institution.

He was speaking at the 31st Foundation Day lecture of Mangalore University.

“Accreditation of colleges and universities is akin to health check-up of educational institutions and will help reveal any shortcomings in their set up and goal of providing quality education,” said Ranganath.

Reminding Mangalore University that its accreditation has lapsed, he urged vice-chancellor T C Shivashankara Murthy, who presided over the function to go for re-accreditation at the earliest.

While speaking on the importance of basic sciences, he pitched for giving due importance to them at the under-graduate level and not sacrifice them in the name of liberalisation of education.

He said that students should be educated well in basics in sciences, humanities and social sciences at the under-graduate level before they went on to specialize. Earlier IT and BT waves completely sidelined importance that study of basic sciences got and this trend is continuing with NT revolution, he cautioned.

[Source: Times of India]

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