AICTE sets up committee for revising scheme to establish 300 polytechnics

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has
set up a committee to revise the scheme of setting up of polytechnics under the
Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode in the country.

Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Dr Shashi
Tharoor speaking in the Lok Sabha said that the Government had approved the
scheme to provide financial assistance to set up 300 polytechnics under PPP
mode during XI Plan.

The Minister added that however, the response of the private
partners to the scheme was poor.

The AICTE has estimated the total cost to be Rs 15 Crore per
polytechnic, excluding land. The scheme provides for Rs 3 Crore central fund
towards capital assets, Rs 2 Crore by the State Government and a minimum of Rs 10
Crore by the private partner.

The land is to be provided by the private partner;
alternatively the State Government will provide land. The admissions are to be
made under the aegis of State Government, based on the admission procedures
being followed in the State. Appointments will be made by the Institute
Management Committee (IMC), said Tharoor.  

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