Attractive salaries for Visiting/Adjunct faculty mooted by UGC

The University Grants Commission has suggested hiking the
salaries of visiting Professor / Adjunct Faculty as ‘meager honoraria’ has not
attracted good expertise to the universities.

The apex regulator’s 12th Plan document states “Appointment
of overseas faculty as Visiting Faculty at par with local faculty in terms of
remuneration, and appointment of experts from industry in universities and
colleges should be facilitated through special schemes.”

Stressing on the need of faculty mobility and faculty
networking as it promotes interaction and also quality of teaching , the
commission recommended that movement of faculty from one institution to another
for a period of 6 months to 2 years needs to be facilitated through appropriate
provisions and guidelines from the UGC.

It also highlighted that there has to be a monitoring
mechanism in place for teaching standards. Assessment of teachers by students,
peer assessment and self appraisal need to be implemented in all higher
education institutions.

“A follow-up of such assessments with counselling,
performance based reward system, and at times stringent corrective measures are
needed for maintaining enhanced quality in higher education,” said the

It also pitched to reform the Self-financed Teaching
Programmes. UGC recommended that all the State Governments should convert the
self financing courses offered by the State Universities, Government and
Government aided Colleges as government approved courses with appropriate aid
and make the faculty members attached to the self financing courses as regular
faculty subject to the condition that these institutions strictly adhere to the
Government approved fee structure for these courses as well as the reservation
policy of the respective State Governments.

“All the Government and Government aided institutions should
be given UGC assistance without insistence on Section 12B recognition as a
precondition as it is followed for central universities and colleges affiliated
to them,” was another measure suggested by the regulatory body.

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