Awards for social scientists on anvil: Sibal

The Human
Resource Development Ministry has proposed to constitute an award for social
scientists on the lines of the Bhatnagar awards for scientists. HRD Minister
Kapil Sibal said this while speaking at a conference organised by the Indian
Council of Social Science & Research.

“For scientists
we have the Bhatnagar awards, but nothing for social scientists. We have
proposed ten annual awards to recognize advancement in the field of social
science. I hope that due recognition to social scientists and their
contributions would spur thousands of aspiring scholars in the future. These
awards will be known as the Amartya Sen Awards.” Sibal said.

Stressing on
the problem with universities under state governments, Sibal said the
government is contemplating making huge investments in such universities under
the 12th plan.

“That is why we
are planning to allocate a large amount of money to bring quality in
state-funded colleges,” he said.

“All recent
reports show how important it is for us to invest in elementary and secondary
education. The real difference between developing and developed countries is
that of the gross enrolment ratio (GER),” he said adding that the aim is to
increase the GER to 30 percent by 2020.

minister, however, said that the level of research in India at present should
not be compared with western countries, as the scenarios are different.

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