Bangalore University gets international accreditation from IAO

Bangalore University has been granted Candidacy Status by IAO, world’s leading international accreditation agency. The University is now entitled to display its candidacy status on its relevant official documents. IAO is an international quality assurance agency that grants accreditation to traditional, non-traditional, and vocational education providers. 

The University has been awarded Candidacy Status after the IAO’s Evaluation Commission assessed the University’s institutional quality, academic programs and institutional integrity. The University was able to fully comply with the requirements set forth in the IAO’s accreditation application forms. It provided sufficient proof of the high educational standards of the institution. The information about the University’s infrastructure, academic environment, physical and human resources, and its supporting systems such as its library and computer facilities were also evaluated in the application forms.

Speaking on the development, vice-chancellor N. Prabhu Dev remarked, “Students who join Bangalore University with its international educational experiences will now benefit from belonging to an IAO accredited institution. We are proud to have acquired this historic achievement.”

The Candidacy Status of BU would now ensure that the degrees offered by it would be recognized by another institute in a different country. Besides, these degrees will also be recognized and accepted by well-known companies and employers globally.

The University, established in 1886, is one of the oldest in India. It is a part of The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and nears the status of “Potential for Excellence” which is reserved for the top 10 universities in India.

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