Careers to explore after studying fashion designing

The fashion industry, in India, has grown by leaps and bounds, and has truly come of age. A decade ago, pursuing a career in fashion designing essentially meant designing clothes or working under senior designers. Today, there is so much more to this space and the opportunities are truly unbridled. An increasingly complex and fast-paced industry, fashion designing has thrown open exciting career options for those who live, eat and breath style. You could be a fashion consultant helping clients flaunt luxury apparel, an accessory or shoe designer, a merchandiser, a celebrity stylist, and if you have a flair for writing -you could become a fashion writer too.

Like any other professional course, fashion designing requires high discipline, meeting work deadlines and wrapping up assignments with an equal dose of diligence and creativity. The variety of opportunities in this industry attracts students with different goals and abilities. While some fields require artistic creativity and originality, others require business know-how and management skills. Let’s take a look at the career opportunities that can be explored in the world of fashion.

Buying and Fashion Merchandising

This career option requires a professional to be quick and up-to-date with the changing fashion movements and trends. Furthermore, one should have an in-depth knowledge of general trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes. A keen eye for detail and precision is an added advantage. Negotiation skills are often considered a valuable possession. A buying role encompasses sourcing, purchasing products and maintaining vendor relations. Merchandising, however, ensures that the right products are available in the store while keeping in mind size, trend and taste demands of clients.

Fashion Designing

The first choice of students graduating from a fashion school is to become a fashion designer. Whether you wish to set up your own boutique catering to a niche client base, design for celebrities or head a fashion show to flaunt your collection, there is a tremendous number of choices in store for you. Aspiring designers can kickstart their career as an assistant with established designers, learn the ropes of the business, establish contacts and slowly work their way up the ladder.

Costume Designing

If you are interested in designing costumes for movies, TV soaps and theatrical productions, look no further than a career in costume designing. A costume designer should be able to create couture that suits both the personality and the role of a character.  Costumes should be realistic and expressive, and should reflect the time period effortlessly. Costume designers work closely with production crew and discuss costume ideas, use of props, all in a pre-determined budget. Unlike fashion designing, creativity is limited to the scope of the project involved.

Fashion journalism and magazines

If the influential editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour, is the reason why you set your mind to pursue fashion designing, then this career option is for you! Fashion journalism focuses on design trends, beauty products, trending events, fashion faux pas and much more. In this universe dominated by social media, the potential for a good writer who has a great understanding of fashion is immense. You can work for a print daily, an online platform, a coveted magazine or even a popular blog!

Fashion Technology

A career in fashion technology requires a deep understanding of technology as well as of business management. The fashion industry is constantly changing and newer trends emerge by the minute. A fashion tech professional has to provide techno-managerial solutions to the industry with strategic thinking capabilities. Fashion technologists are fundamentally the backbone of the fashion industry and take care of all the technical aspects such as textile engineering, fabric and garment construction, machine and manpower allocation. Career choices span across the fields of garment production, quality control and assurance, industrial engineering, project analysis, production planning, manpower management, and new product development.


You must have always adored celebrities for their personal style. Well, it is a stylist, who sets trends by getting the head-to-toe look of your favourite star right. They also work in a team where they collaborate with designers, photographers, and makeup artistes to put together a particular theme or get that desired look right. The clientele of a stylist can be a model, a celebrity or anybody who wants to look like a star! They work as a personal stylist for individuals, for various labels and companies. The remuneration of a stylist is based on his or her clientele, skills, and mostly reputation.

Fashion Blogging

If you are net-savvy and want people to sit up and take notice of your style, then get started with blogging. To be a successful blogger, one needs a high level of novelty and ingenuity. Your work should be able to set you apart from the crowd. What you need is an individual style, core understanding of the target audience and an interaction quotient. The content in terms of descriptive writing and pictures must be of a very high quality and must engage your followers. This is certainly a lucrative career option and as you progress and build engagement with your readers, there are different mediums through which you can earn. From sponsored content to brand collaborations, there are many ways through which a fashion blogger can generate substantial pecuniary benefits.

If you’re not looking at a 10-6 cushy job and want to unleash your creative juices, then this is the place to be. A few other career options, which are slowly catching up in the fashion space are visual merchandising, fashion forecasting, pattern-making, fashion illustrators and fashion choreography.

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