CBSE inaugurates career counselling and guidance centre for students

With a motive of making quality education accessible
to students, especially amongst the marginal rural areas, the Central Board of
Secondary Education (CBSE) launched the first ever Career Counselling and
Guidance Centre, in the country, in Mohammadi, Uttar Pradesh.

Inaugurated by the Minister of State for Human
Resource Development, Shri Jitin Prasada, the Centre seeks to provide students
with proper guidance and counselling, while choosing subjects in standard 11.
The Centre is open to students of classes 10 and 12.

“Class 10 and 12 are the turning points in a
student’s academic journey. Being provided with the right academic guidance, at
this time, will aid students not only in self development but enable them to
contribute in the development and growth of the country,” said Jitin Prasada, Minister
of State for Human Resource Development.

Children, not only from CBSE schools, but from all
Boards across the country are welcome at the Centre.

The choice of subjects in the said classes has an
essential impact on the career prospects of children. In such a scenario, CBSE
feels that it is crucial for students to understand their forte, interests,
knowledge and capability and only then make a subject choice.

The Board suggests that subjects should be chosen
based on the evaluation provided by the Student’s Global Aptitude Index (SGAI).

The Career Counselling and Guidance Centre also
provides counselling for parents and teachers within its gambit, the idea being
to sensitise both sections towards the importance of career awareness and
planning. The Centre also aims at generating awareness regarding existing
career opportunities and familiarising students with related relevant

Availing career counselling and guidance at the
Centre is free of cost. However, one has to pay Rs.50 only for taking the SGAI
test. The results of SGAI can be attained within a day of taking the

The Centre targets to reach out to children in the
rural areas, helping them to identify their weaknesses and overcome academic
obstacles. The Centre is also meant to provide academic tutorials to students,
post school hours.

The Minister of State and Chairman also unveiled the
SGAI kit, containing all the essential paraphernalia for gaining clarity on the
concept of SGAI and how it can be beneficial for students.

CBSE Chairman, Vineet Joshi said, “The vision behind
setting up such a Centre is to enable Access to Quality Education with Equity.
It makes me proud to be part of such a progressive vision.”

Post launch camps for awareness generation regarding
the Centre are in the pipeline for CBSE. Six camps, from October to December,
will be organised in various districts of Uttar Pradesh like Mitauli,
Maigalganj, Hargaon, Mahauli and so on.

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