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CBSE Pattern, NCERT Books In UP Schools By 2018

The UP government mulls on introducing CBSE pattern from the year 2018 with 70% syllabus from NCERT books and the rest from the local volumes. The government aims to revamp the current education system in Uttar Pradesh.

“The government will also soon introduce a new fee policy for the schools. Our teachers and education are not bad at all, but if a teacher is engaged in programmes like census work, he won’t be able to focus on teaching,” said Deputy CM Dr. Dinesh Sharma.

New announcements

Some big reforms to refurbish the education system in UP has been recently announced by the Yogi Adityanath government.

  • From the year 2018, the pattern of UP Board has been changed to the CBSE.
  • 80% attendance of students of class 9th to 12th will be soon compulsory.
  • Free shoes and socks shall be distributed with school dress and books to the students.
  • 19,000 Madarsas registered with Madarsa Board in the state will include compulsory subjects like English, Science and Maths. It will also have NCERT books.
  • Books are being made available in Urdu language as well.
  • The Madarsas have been geo-mapped with online registration being done to bring transparency.
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