CNR Rao apologises for plagiarism in science journal

One of country’s top scientist and Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh’s adviser CNR Rao has apologized to a leading scientific journal for
reproducing text of other scientists in his research paper.

corresponding authors sincerely apologise to the readers, reviewers, and
editors for this oversight and for any miscommunication,” Rao and his
co-author SB Krupanidhi said in an apology to ‘Advanced Materials’, a
peer-reviewed journal covering materials science. 

The journal’s July issue carried a research paper titled
‘Infrared Photodetectors Based on Reduced Graphene Oxide and Graphene
Nanoribbons’ authored by Rao, Krupanidhi, Basant Chitara and L S Panchakarla.
The scientists belong to Indian Institute of Science and the Jawaharlal Nehru
Centre for Advanced Scientific Research. 

The authors admitted that some part of the research paper
was reproduced from an article that had appeared in Applied Physics Letters
written by S Ghosh, B K Sarker, A Chunder, Lei Zhai and S I Khondaker. 

“The corresponding authors regret the reproduction of
text from an article that appeared in Applied Physics Letters in their
paper,” Rao and Krupanidhi said. 

The apology was published in the online edition on November
29, 2011. Rao was unavailable for comment as he was out of the country.

[Source: Times of India]

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26 thoughts on “CNR Rao apologises for plagiarism in science journal”

  1. I worked in Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu from 25.06.2001 to 3.11.11(Ten Years). I surrendered all my degree certificates to the college when I joined there but the authority did not give any acknowledgment. Now I resigned there as per the rules and regulation of the college after completing Ph.D. under part-time mode. They are demanding RS.130000 ( for giving advertisement to recruit new faculty) from me to get back my all original degree certificates. What can I do to get back my certificates please and gratuity ( eligible as per my appointment order)

  2. When our advisor preferring copy paste method, policy formation can be easily guessed.
    Recenly, higher education and research bill 2011 is MAJOR BLUNDER by making national commission for higher education research to be merely advisory body (having no regulatory powers).——————- So I fear 30 collegium of scholars (nominated by politicians) in this bill be mostly such copy-pasters.

  3. Surprised to observe this kind of plagiarsm in an article in which Prof. CNR Rao involved. But we should not blame him for this as he might have involved only in some key discussion leading to the produce of this article. I am sure that he is not the communicating author and he should not be made responsible and avoid sling the mud on him. But the pity is the scientists community, in general, is not respecting the propritry of others creation/research and fail to acknowledge the original author/s while quoting the text from the other article. There are several incedences where entire thesis or the article itself is repoduced and individuals gained the benefits. This is happening because at several places and for the individuals at those places the research is not a passion but is compulsion for getting their benefits like promotion or increment

    No apology is sufficient to neutralize the crime.
    All leading Newspapers in all languages should make a news-item
    and should invite public opinion.

    Senior Academician in Higher Mathematics
    Old police Line, Jalpaiguri-735101
    West Bengal

  5. The case is not at all a plagiarism since the material is in the introduction part dealing with literature survey. Authors could have used the information in there own words or a reference could have given Any way the quality of the paper is not affected by this.
    When a paper is communicated it is better to check the overlap with existing literature using the available software. Prof C N R Rao need not apologize for
    this since it is not at all plagiarism. The journal says to restructure the section and the paper is accepted for publication according to media reports.

  6. Before a person(teacher particularly) comments on any thing, he should know and think about the issue. Do you believe Prof.CNR directly copies material from some body’s paper. If you think like that, it is shame on your part as a teacher as you dont have thinking capability. Do you feel he is falling short of technical papers or he gets any more advantage, if he publishes a copied material???? He is pioneer of Nano Technology in India.
    People who have commented negatively have to flip through the paper and comment. Dont just comment based on the news published in news papers. We are teachers and researchers and we need to be very careful before we make any statement, which ruins the stature of any person or country.

    This report is baseless. In scientific papers it is routine to refer to past work in introductory sections and often repeat their own sentences for emphasis. It is nothing to do with plagiarism. It is a compliment to the original author. Why is the media attempting to smear a credible Scientist and institution? Stop this nonsense at once. If you don’t know what is plagiarism please don’t enter into that topic

  8. I do not know why people do not admit the mistake and keeps always try to keep top notch position to a person who is once renowned in some ground in his life.This is a biggest problem persisting in india till date what i ma concluding from may opinions.As if its a case that india comprises of only one scientist .A mistake is always a mistake whoever does whether he is word renowned or a sweeper.At least this was not expected from a person like Prof CNR Rao.We do not care how far his name in the world and whether the scientific contents are valid and only the text are copied by mistake.These are all explanation.The fact is it should not be done.Thats all and concludes everything. Infact his name is floating in world top notch materials center NIMS as one of 5 advisory board.It is necessarily a shame to India and all indian scientists.We should admit this and whole scientific community is affected by this.This will be now a general impression of foreign scientists that in india the papers are published like a copy paste manner.What i am looking around here is the message is spreading like something.So in overall this is blame of country before other scientific body.We should believe it.

  9. I completely agree with Dr Chavan. Absolutely baseless. Media should first study the meaning of Plagiarism before making it hype.

  10. Honestly, I dont believe Dr Rao will get himself involved in an act like this. And I dont think it might be something like a case of plagiarism. I t might me that, especially in the review part we would touch upon some of the recent break-throughs in the subject. May be some words of the early report creeps in. Based on this, it is not good to mud-sling scientists, especially at those who do not need a few papers more for any positional or financial benefit.

  11. Knowing the real spirit of Prof CNR Rao, we never consider that he is the part of this plagiarism. We feel very sad for the happening. Some researchers who are working under him unknowingly have done this kind during writing their work for submitting into journal. Now the err committed by the scholar that has been brought into public and naturally it gives pain to all the authors. This is the time to wake up that our researchers should be very careful when writing an article for submission to the journals. But for this wake up, we have paid a very heavy price i.e. the appearance of great name like Prof CNR Rao for this case.

  12. This is the sole mistake of corresponding author and part to the co-author. This is greatness of CNR Rao, that he admit and published the same in the journal.

  13. I have no idea about the basis of the charge ‘plagiarism’ but as i have seen the comments, perhaps reproduction has been done in literature survey part? if so, no problem at all. it is a usual practice and requirement for the background of the research work carried out. Many a times, the same work is quoted by different authors in their research works and often mistaken by quoting the latter, s name in place of the originator. In my opinion, researchers well understand such things and Prof. Rao should not be blamed for it.

  14. Today along with Shri Sachin Tendulakar Mr C N R Rao too is a “Bharat Ratna” on the strength of 1,600 papers published by him over the past 30 years making an average of nearly 40 per year and 4 a month. He should.of course, hold himself as an example for the growth of “scintific temper” in India.