DataWind partners with CK12 Foundation for free mathematics and science learning content

DataWind, developer of wireless web access products,
has signed a strategic partnership with US based not-for-profit education
content provider CK12 to provide Indian customers great high quality free math
and science material that can be used by teachers, students, schools and

Through this agreement, CK-12 will come
pre-installed on most DataWind devices so users will have access to high
quality math and science learning material at their fingertips for free.

DataWind CEO – Suneet Singh Tuli said, “Our aim is
to enable and equip every student in India with implements of learning that
spawn interest in higher academic achievement – in this case the tablet PC, but
the hardware itself is not enough to serve the purpose of empowerment. Rich,
free, interactive, referential and engaging educational content is an
imperative for their success. As tablets are revolutionizing learning globally,
this intersection of an affordable tablet with CK-12 content allows Datawind
customers an opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime.

The rise of low cost web access and mobile computing
devices such as Aakash and UbiSlates and the growing practice of referencing
the internet for every small detail or project, Indian education systems have
reached an inflection point to leverage technology in education to cater to the
always on and more informed student/digital consumer. Low cost mobile and
computing devices will play a critical role in this digital learning

“Access to high quality education for primary and
secondary schools shouldn’t be limited. At CK-12 we provide the content that
can be accessed anytime, anywhere to improve learning” says  Neeru Khosla, Executive Director of CK-12
Foundation. Because Datawind devices are affordable, partnering with Datawind
allows CK-12 to achieve this mission and afford the opportunity for everyone to
learn at his or her own pace.

Being digital this content can always stay
up-to-date unlike traditional printed material. With hundreds of thousands of
teachers using CK-12 in US, India and around the world, CK-12 has taken into
account specific teacher and student needs and created an end-to-end platform
that can be used in schools and independently by parents. CK-12 has been
pioneering the creation, curation and delivery of open educational content in
US for more than 6 years.

DataWind, along with CK-12,today is uniquely positioned
to fill in the gap to service the learning and teaching community cutting
across the spectrum with the right combination of affordable tablets and
best-in-class content.

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