Digital marketing needs a large number of management graduates

Q. What all career opportunities are there for B-School graduates in emerging areas like retail management or advertising?

A. In Retailing, most B School graduates have to start as department managers in a store and work their way up to become regional managers. Many also get into staff or support functions in areas such as HR, Marketing and supply chain management. With retailing becoming more professional, every aspect of retailing like buying, merchandising, Research, Promotion etc. requires professionals who have a general understanding of the business apart from deep knowledge of the specific role.

MBA’s have many options within retailing companies. Understanding shopping behavior, analyzing trends using data, marketing and such critical activities need management graduates. Another excellent possibility is setting up a retail store as an entrepreneur. In recent years, e-tailing or retailing on the internet is gaining lot of ground and many opportunities exist for MBA graduates across well established and start-up e-tailers.

Q. How do you look at its demand in advertising?

In advertising the principal opportunity for management graduates is to start as ‘Account executive’ in the client servicing domain in an advertising agency. From then on it depends a lot on the background and communication skills.

Advertising industry offers many other opportunities for management graduates. Digital marketing including social media marketing needs a large number of management graduates. Media houses offer many opportunities in sales, production and distribution management. Niche players like PR agencies, design studio’s, print shops, production houses and market research agencies also offer many opportunities for MBA graduates.

Q. These days youngsters are getting attracted to this particular sector, any specific reason?

Advertising is always thirsty for young talent that is creative and innovative. There are very large requirement considering the speed of new product launches, and intensity of competition.

Q. Which all sectors are going to see surge in demand for management graduates in coming decade?

In the coming decade data analytics and drawing insights from big data will be a large sector, Apart from consultants and data analytics firms, every business will need to have people with these skills.

Q. What e-commerce sector?

The internet has become ubiquitous and many sectors connected to it will see a surge in demand for MBA graduates. Some areas will be web research, digital, social media marketing, and e-tailing.  What opportunities the ‘internet of things’ will bring is yet to be seen.

Tourism is growing fast and airlines, travel agents; tour operators (both inbound and outbound) will recruit MBA’s. Health care is another industry that is growing, becoming more professional and corporateized which will see a good demand for MBA graduates.

Organised start-ups is another potential employer in the coming years. A large number of start-ups which have proven leadership and capital is a growing trend which will continue through the next decade.

Food, infrastructure and retail are other sectors which will see a surge in demand for management graduates.

The growing competition and scale of services will call for new job titles like ‘service designer’ ‘moment of truth managers’ and most businesses will have a ‘innovation leader’ and the department championing innovation across organizations.

With the growing all round need for efficiency and effectiveness, which is the essence of management, management graduates will be needed. Being creative, innovative and comfortable with data analysis will only add to the graduates potential.

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