DTU organized lecture on synergy between Physics & Engineering by Padma Shri Prof. M.S. Sodha

Gone are the days when Physics and Engineering were treated in isolation. Nowadays synergy between the two has become need of the hour to solve many of the problems faced by the mankind. This was the message conveyed by Padma Shri Prof. M.S. Sodha in his lecture on “A Physicist encounters Engineering”, organized by the Department of Applied Physics of Delhi Technological University (DTU), formerly Delhi College of Engineering.
Former Deputy Director of IIT-Delhi and former Vice Chancellor of several universities including Devi Ahilya University Indore, Lucknow University and Barkatullah University, Bhopal, Prof. Sodha spoke about the importance of Physics in Engineering and cited several examples where Physicists have been involved in major technological innovations such as development of Transistor. He informed that even in India, much of the initial work in the field of solar energy has been done by physicists. He said, “With the knowledge of Physics and attributes of Engineering such as problem solving skills, reasoning and analytical bent of mind, many of the technological challenges can be resolved.” The entire lecture of Prof. Sodha was webcasted live on
Earlier in the day, while welcoming Prof. Sodha, Vice Chancellor of DTU, Prof. P.B. Sharma said, “Physics is not just mother of science but can also be called the legitimate father of engineering. Synergy between the two can open vistas of opportunities for the engineers of tomorrow.” Prof. R.K. Sinha, Head of Department, Applied Physics, DTU was also present at the plenary session of the ‘Invited Lecture series’ of his department.
The occasion also saw the launch of students’ society of Engineering Physics at DTU, namely DelTech Engineering Physics Technological Hub (DEPTH). The society will organize events and activities in the field of engineering physics such as special invited lectures, workshops and an annual technical event AURORA, which will be held this year from February 22-24, 2011.
Prof. Sodha also answered several queries raised by students and faculty members, attending the lecture. He concluded by saying, “From time immemorial Physics and Engineering have been converging but may be not at enough pace. Hence, we need to promote Engineering Physics as a discipline in our educational institutions.”

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