E. Balagurusamy lists essential qualities of a VC

E. Balagurusamy, Member (Education), Tamil Nadu State
Planning Commission, has recommended certain criteria to be followed while
appointing Vice-Chancellors. Balagurusamy has made these suggestions to the
Governor and Chancellor K. Rosaiah.

While writing a note to the Governor and Chancellor K. Rosaiah,
Balagurusamy has listed out the criteria sectioned in three categories, namely,
essential attributes, desirable attributes, and expected skills and

“My note enumerates
the requirements that can be used as a framework or guidelines to identify a
potential VC. If these are followed by the search committee, it will put an end
to denigrating the post of a VC, which is happening now because of the lack of
such guidelines. Since the search committee has no yardstick to follow, they
succumb to influences while deciding on a candidate,” notes Balagurusamy.

In his note, Balagurusamy has suggested that a candidate
holding a PhD along with an outstanding academic record with a minimum of 15
years of experience in teaching and research, preferably having held posts of
dean, director or principal of a university or reputed institution, should be
an ideal choice for a VC.

The essential attributes should also include participation
in national and international seminars and conferences, publication of quality
research papers/books, and candidates should have necessarily demonstrated
academic leadership in higher education.

In the desirable attributes, he suggests that the candidate
has the experience of guiding doctoral scholars, working in academic bodies,
managing youth and women development activities, and is also involved in
curriculum development, student assessment and counselling.

He has also recommended that a VC candidate should possess
technical, managerial and leadership skills as expected skills and

But the most important competence expected in the candidate
is his ability to lead by personal example and he should be able to co-ordinate
with government departments and statutory bodies at the State and national

Deliberating on the selection process, he has suggested that
the shortlisted candidates should be made to present before the committee their
suitability and also a tentative plan of action for the university before the
final list of three names is presented to the Governor.

[Source: The Hindu]

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35 thoughts on “E. Balagurusamy lists essential qualities of a VC”

  1. None of the current Tamil Nadu Vice-Chancellors is fit to hold the position. They do not have good publication record and their academic standing is so bad. They are notorious for paying money and large scale corruption.
    ..true and i endose his views

  2. I think for a change a very sensible suggestion has come from Balaguruswamiar. I respect his views and salute him for his wisdom. I fully endorse his views and welcome his suggestions. But who cares for such good and sensible ideas. Most of the VC,s of Public Sector Universities are political appointments. If you know the politicians you will get the job. At least some of the private Universities ( I can proudly say about Manipal University) go by merit most of the times. I wish more Balas are born in this world.

  3. Suggestions of RK Pandey are nice, but how many will you get among the science scholars who have the h factor greater than 28? And what about the Arts subjects ? And among the science subjects, can we put maths, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, etc in the same bracket ? I would say, we should not.

  4. VC post is total politically influenced post I don’t think these suggestion work…..

  5. Prof. Balagurusamy has made a valid point. My recent observation is that most of the present scholars speak about high values in academics. However, most of them hardly follow such values in their profession. Hence, I find it difficult to trust people who speak on the sophisticated topics.
    In any case, Balagurusamy’s points are valid ones and if followed, it is great!

  6. I do not think we need Vice -Chancellors for our Universities as most of the time these are the people who are favored by the government of the day. What we need for any university is a Chairman/President who can administer the university and run the affairs of the institution in a matter of fact business manner. We need to cut down the frivolous expenditures on various matters at university- we need a very good financial discipline. We need managers, not so called educationists who know nothing about financial or any other management to run the universities. May be a retired General or a brigadier will do a better job than the current lot of VCs.

  7. Vice -Chancellors are very important persons in developing educational institutions. I agree that there should be proper guide lines for the search committees to follow so that the right person is given the resposibility.
    It should not be political appointment .

  8. Welcome the essential qualities of a VC as listed by E.Balagurusamy.. As he was the VC, he expressed his idea.. It will be excellent, if some one to list out the qualities of selection committee members..


  10. I endose the views of Dr.Balagurusamy.It should be mandatory that all State Governments follow the guidlines of UGC in this regard.The candidate should have proven record of teaching, research and administration.In most of the cases the candidates have only teaching experience at the level of Associate Professors.Lack of research and administrative experience become the major hindrance for such Vice chancellor in planning and executing the plans for the holistic growth of Universities.
    Another aspect is that the Chancellor’s office should make the appointments transparent by publishing the credentials of shortlisted candidates and the advantage of the selected candidates. The selected candidates should also declare about his/her and their direct relative’s wealth.

  11. Very well said. Suggestive stataements should explicitely be devoid of gender bias. Many a women candidates are worth and do fall in the listed attributes of Prof. Balagurusamy.
    Suggestions should be scrutinised instead of personal dissection of the person.
    Regarding Mr.pandey’s remark on Garbage… writing, I recoolect Prof. statement on his fundamentals of Programming book is aimed for the benefit of Rural population who will find high technical and Jargonic terms threatening. May be that before making any adverse comments on any by so called educational elites intention of the author should be verified and most of anything one should subject themselves to objectivity and maintain verbal decency.
    Personal flaws as pronunciation may be a result of medical and many a factor. That should not be brought out in a public platform .

  12. Prof Balagurusamy’s framework of essential qualities will help the search committees to shortlist the panel.

  13. It is very common to preach than practice. I read about Balaguruswami,s comments and others remark and noticed that most of the views are mediocre and biased. Pl. look into kind of assignment he was talking and his suggestions. Many -2 manipulators and psuedo scholars are involved in getting high post by writing books of type suggested by Prof. Dwarkanath and papers in low rigour journals. Such guys are trained to defend their low quality work by claiming it is going to benefit rural poor and top class books which are good books have tough english or not giving enough examples are termed jargonic terms or high funda. Pl. try to know understand VC should be an scholar of par excellence. Some work benefitted rural masses give him Padamshri.If it had it been more useful give him Magassay awards. It is quite likely that your social There are so many agri books are there and its uitlity is very high then make all of them VC. Some one started Missile division and 20 years later our country signed a contract to procure the same from Israel and Missile experts converted into Champion of Vision Mission game and colluding with Politician recieved highest award of country but what happened to Missile- Start from Chandipur and falls at chandipur. Any defense expert will say we stand no where compared to China or Korea. Thus pl. honor him for the job he has done not for other job where he is unfit.
    Scholastic temper is above writing popular books for rural masses and one has to prove he is extraordinary. Ultimately we need only 800 Vcs and Directors. Thus pl. respect the comments of Dr Pandey on this line and suggestions of Bala may lead to spurious guys becoming Vcs with road stamped books and news style papers. Honor and dignity of those sitting in research labs and class rooms would be rejected in front of these cheap popularity measures.

  14. Who cares about this write up while selecting Vice – Chancellor. I am sure that the members of panel know very well & better regarding the qualities and qualifications besides achievements and integrity required for any individual to be considered for the position of Vice – Chancellor. But what they know better, is to whom [the individual], they have to select. Therefore, they have to work on qualification afterwards, so as they best fit the individual concerned and two more. Probably this is what is known as reverse engineering.

  15. I agree with Dr Balaguruswamy who has given good points for the VC selection.
    VC a man with great academic works with research and managerial talents the need of the education sectors.

  16. To Dr. Raj Tilak and Krithika

    The Tamil Nadu Government follows reservation system to admit students to professional courses. The split is 30% for OC; 30% for BC; 20% for MBC, 18% for SC and 1% for ST. According to the split-up, candidates from the respective communities are admitted to the UG course (5 year), but the % of OC candidates securing admission to postgraduate courses (through common entrance examination) is either negligible or mere one or two candidates compared to the % of other community people securing admissions. Until recently, this was the scenario in certain professional colleges in Tamil Nadu where reservation system was not practiced in postgraduate admissions. Why OC candidates were unable to compete with those reservation candidates in securing admission to postgraduate courses when the issue of quota doesn’t exist?

  17. though, i had both academic credentials and administraive experience, than any of the present Anna Universities VC, I will never be selected because I belong to the uppermost community in Tamilnadu. Still today in Tamilnadu, None from upper most class can become VC of anna University