Education is the only sector which gives you internal happiness of being able to contribute to Gen Next

Pramod Sharma, Director cum Principal, Genesis Global School, brings with him the experience of a career in education spanning 37 years. He started with teaching assignments in Chemistry at The Doon School. He also taught in Kabul, Nigeria and later at the Mayo College, Ajmer. He has served as Principal for over 2 decades across various institutions, including the T.N. Academy- Gangtok, Yadavindra Public School- Patiala and Mayo College-Ajmer.

He was awarded the National Award for Teachers in 2000 by the President of India. His decade long tenure as member of the Governing Body of the CBSE was much commended. In an Exclusive interview with India Education Review he shares his four decade long journey in the education space and various other issues facing the K-12 sector.

You have been associated with the education sector for a long time, what have been your experiences of working in this sector?

It has been a wonderful journey of four decades in the education sector. If I have another life, I would like to live it the same way. This is the only sector which gives you internal happiness of being able to contribute to Gen Next. Seeing children grow and nurture and prepare them for future leadership positions brings a sense of fulfilment. I am happy to be able to play my part and I enjoy doing so.

Without forgetting, this industry also gives you the privilege of holidays to pursue your own interest like no other job in the world does.

What are your views about use of ICT tools in schools as many of the schools have installed them just for the sake of showing they are using them?

ICT tools are very important for making teaching interesting and also helps children learn at their own pace. While we acknowledge that, we should also give due importance to the teachers also who play a vital role in its implementation.

How are you implementing Right to Education Act in your school?

The Right to Education is the recognition of the right of all children of this country to receive education even if they do not have the adequate resources. The government is expected to upgrade infrastructure and facilities in government schools while private schools are expected to take in 25 per cent of students with pre decided reimbursement of fees from the government

It is said that many people enter the teaching profession when they have no other option left- your views about it?

It may be true in the case of some people who take up teaching as a profession when they have no other option but there are people who are deciding to take teaching as a career.

Genesis also is a boarding school and the requirements of a boarding school are a lot more different than a normal day school. The boarding school teachers are more committed and are self-motivated. They are the ones who enjoy the company of children and guide them through their challenges.

What are the major initiatives you have taken during your tenure as the Principal of Genesis Global School?

Genesis Global School can be well termed as a school of options. We provide parents with the liberty of choosing a plan best suited to the needs of their children. We offer a choice between National (CBSE) and International Curriculum (IGCSE& IBDP). Genesis is a candidate school for the IB (PYP & DP) at the moment. Students can thus find a platform of study that matches their individual capabilities and interests.

The availability of five and seven day boarding, apart from the day and extended day school, makes it easier for working parents to ensure that their child is in a secure environment. The flexibility of admissions plans gives a wide range to parents.

The wide range of 21 sports activities also gives scope to children to pick the one they feel their calibreand interest lies in.

I have ensured that interactive and collaborating activity-based child centric methodologies supplemented with collaborating technological platforms makes Genesis a school committed to recognizing and actualizing the potential in each student.

How can we implement good quality teaching and teachers into the teaching profession?

Teachers need to be groomed for the job since a B.Ed. does not prepare them for their role. Mostly they learn from colleagues and by osmosis. Once on the job, the day to day experiences that they come across will help them mature into better teachers.

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