ET Honors best brands in K-12 education in Best School Brands 2016

Addressing the event, Dr. N. K. Sahu, Economic Advisor (SE&L), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, said, “Ours is a very vast country, so catering to the needs of 15 lakh schools and so many teachers and students is a challenge. That’s why the government is working at all levels to fulfil the needs of children and improving the manner in which education is delivered to them. Infrastructure no doubt is a big part of this. The use of ICT and modern technologies is important, but the challenge is a large one.”

The ET Best School Brands 2016 brought into limelight the journey and remarkable achievements of schools and institutions. The Economic Times Best School Brands awards was a great way to facilitate the high quality education these institutions have provided for growth of this generation of youth who will represent the nation with their skills and qualities.

Dr. Madhav Saraswat, Principal, Scindia School added, “As teachers, we have to understand the purpose of education. The main purpose of education is two-fold; education for life and education for livelihood. If one is to be pragmatic, if you have to play the game, know the rules and be on top of it so that you can win the game. My students helped me understand that the world is moving faster than I could learn. They also helped me learn that the future is unknown and whatever we are doing within a classroom is not enough; we must prepare our children for the 21st century in a holistic manner.”

India will soon have over 40 million citizens directly or indirectly affected by the changes in the education system. The modifications in the system cater to all the sections of the society. With changes that not only educates the child but also adds attributes and capabilities to go beyond. All schools that contributed in the holistic growth of the students were acknowledged at the event.

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