French Students in CIIM & CCM

Two French students Laura and Julia are in the CIIM and CCM
campus to exchange the cultures between two countries. They are here to learn
our tradition & values and to give us their values. 

Career Business Schools has taken a step forward to
encourage student exchange programs where in the education and cultural
opportunities for students to live, study and work abroad could be opened. Two
French students named Laura and Julia from European Business School, France
were invited to CCM and CIIM for this purpose. 

Speaking on the experience, one of the French students Laura
said, “I was extremely delighted by the invitation. Visiting India and learning
the country’s culture and language is one of the best experiences of my life.
Through this exchange program, I am exploring the India’s education pattern. And
I am looking forward to more such invitations.” 

Pradeep Jain, Group Director, Career Business Schools said,
“We have invited two French students under the Students exchange program. Our
basic purpose behind this was to provide our students with the exposure of
different countries for their better prospects. Our students are interacting
with them and discussing on various topics to discover as much as possible.”

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