German foundation, IISc to open Research Avenue for Indian scientists

The German Research Foundation has tied up with Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore to collaborate with IISC’s materials science department. The Foundation’s representatives visited the campus as part of a visit to Bangalore. 

President of the Foundation, Professor Ing Matthias Kleiner and Dr Torsten Fischer of DFG India announced that The German House for Research and Innovation (DWIH) would be inaugurated at New Delhi in 2012. “It will be a one-stop shop for all Indians who want to do research in Germany. DWIH will be housing German universities , research institutions and funding organisations,” said professor Kleiner. 

“Scientists and the institution in the state helped strengthen the collaboration. As many as 35 scientists from Karnataka and 16 scientists from IISc have visited various research institutes in Germany apart from the 11 young scientists from Bangalore who attended the Nobel Laureate meeting earlier this year. IISc, St John’s Medical College and University of Agricultural Sciences are some of the institutes which have benn very supportive,” he said. 

Bangalore University (BU), he said, has proved to be one of the most active Indian institutions in the Indo-German collaboration from 2004 to 2009. IISC has also been selected as the top science research institute in the city and has experience in basic research across 30 disciplines.

Talking about DWIH coming up at New Delhi, professor Kliener also informed that DGF would fund basic research work done from across all the fields of science and technology. “The only criteria for funding will be ‘quality’ . It will be judged using a three-step methodology,” said professor Kleiner.

The delegate said DFG would give seven million euros as fund in the first two projects with the University of Hyderabad. 

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