Harvard Business Publishing and IIMA Case Centre to host Case Method Teaching Seminar

Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) has partnered with IndianInstitute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) Case Centre to offer the Case Method Teaching Seminar.Intended for new case-method instructors, or experienced professors looking to improve their discussion leadership skills, the seminar focuses on delivering practical advice that can be easily implemented.

To be held at IIMA on 17-18, October, 2014,the program will be co-taught by Professor M. R. Dixit, Faculty Member and Chair of Business Policy Area at IIMA, and Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean for International Development at HBS.

According to Prof. Saral Mukherjee, Chair, IIMA Case Centre:“The case method has been shown to be an enormously powerful method of learning in the management field the world over. However, it is challenging for the faculty to master this approach to teaching. Their role is very different from that of faculty in a lecture-based setting. In a lecture-based setting, the faculty is the primary source of information and wisdom; and students mostly are recipients of knowledge. In contrast, in a discussion-based setting, participants are the source of knowledge and analyses, whereas the faculty acts primarily as moderators, encouraging the participants to share their observations and insights.”

Harvard Business School pioneered the use of case method in management education a century ago and IIMA pioneered the case method of teaching in India 50 years ago.

“I am delighted that these two venerable institutions, Harvardand IIMA, are renewing the spirit of collaboration that animated their relationship at the time of IIMA’s inception, by jointly designing and offering a case-teaching workshop that offers their approaches to the case-study method of learning,” said Professor Ashish Nanda, Director, IIMA. “I am also delighted that this workshop is being offered to management educators from all over India at a time when policymakers, educationists, and business leaders are focused on expanding the nation’s management education capacity while also upgrading quality,” he added.

There are five main topics covered in the Case Method Teaching Seminar:  establishing and shaping the learning contract; questioning, listening, and responding; the teacher/student relationship; designing the discussion plan; and practicing the skill.  The seminar exhibits learning by doing as participants read a number of cases in advance of the seminar and then discuss them in the role of students in a traditional MBA case-based class.Participants learn techniques, from the facilitators and fellow attendees, for making case discussions more interactive and engaging.The seminar will help participants get a first-hand feel of case teaching, receiving feedback, and reflection.It will be a unique exercise that engages them in activities relating to preparing for and handling the case class.

“HBP runs Case Method Teaching seminars globally as well as in India,” explained Mr. Vinay Hebbar, HBP’s Vice President and Managing Director of the Asia-Pacific region.“By partnering with IIMA’s Case Centre for seminars in India, we will be able to enhance local context and scale to serve a rapidly growing community of case teachers.  This will allow participants to learn from some of the best faculty experts from HBS and IIMA and access outstanding seminar curriculum and content on case teaching,” he added.

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