Human Values Fulfill Purpose of Education: HRD Minister

The Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar while stressing on education as a national agenda said that, a student’s life without physical activities holds no meaning.

“Physical education and life skill education is equally important for a student. A student should not limit himself to a book. Human values make the purpose of education meaningful.”

While addressing a two day national workshop on school education, the minister said that, “Education is not a state subject; we all are stakeholders (students/teachers/parents/principals) and have equal responsibility.”

Realizing the  need of going digital in education, Javadekar said that, “Schools, educational institutions whether public/private, NGOs, all are doing fine and there is a need to bring them under one roof so that a good content comes out of it. Apps such as BYJU where courses are available online, are doing a good job.”

“Earlier, there was operation Blackboard and soon Operation Digital Board will be there across the country.” He also expressed that going digital does not mean that it will surpass the role of a teacher. “No teacher is less important; teacher is needed for explanation, for making the things understandable,” he said.

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