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IGNOU Delhi 2 Study Centre at TIAD: Strengthening cultural exchange among the learners

Tecnia Institute of Art and Design (TIAD) is a centre of excellence which provides professionally oriented quality education in performing and visual arts. The institute also offers a number of courses related to diverse art forms like Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal and Instrumental), Classical Dance Styles, Animation, Dramatics, Folk Dance and Music, Painting, Sculpture and Graphics including other subjects like History of Indian Arts and Culture.

IGNOU study centre (29008P) at Tecnia Institute, Rohini comes under the jurisdiction of Delhi 2 Regional Centre. The study centre offers One Year and Six Months Certificate Courses from IGNOU in Visual and Performing Art. The two main specialized courses held are in Applied Art and Painting. The certificate programme in visual arts aims to impart basic knowledge and skill of drawing, painting, colours and composition with the development of observation, creative and aesthetics sensibilities. The course also introduces creativity, representation, precision and use of medium and materials. Special features of the Institute include expert visiting faculty, exposure to Museums and Art Galleries, Art and Music Competitions, Hostel Facility for outstation students, updated library facility, regular Seminars /Conferences, special lectures on art and freedom of artistic space.

S. K. Biswas is presently heading the study centre. He has an expertise in the area with eight years of teaching experience as well. IGNOU enrolls learners and allot them the respective centres. The study centre has been training learners in Commercial Art/ Fine Arts and CVAP. S. K. Biswas said that the study centre works according to the syllabus provided to them by IGNOU. The college has BFA and MFA course facility and so the learners are also trained in those specialized areas.

As told by Biswas, IGNOU learners are included in the regular academic activities of the institute like Film Shows, Art exhibitions, competitions etc. Writing skill is another area where the learners are trained. He said the basic purpose behind developing their writing skills is to enable them to write the art reviews. Biswas also informed that photography and art workshops are also held regularly. The institute conducts guest lecturers from renowned artists, like Sunil Gupta, Charan Singh and Anita Dubey, who touch upon the contemporary art forms.

He also emphasized that the institute has the infrastructure to the standards of a Degree College which learners at other institutes can hardly find. According to him the overall strength at the study centre has always been high but it is only recently that it has dropped down a little which may be due to the changing trends in the career oriented courses.

Students at the study centre also gave a positive feedback about the institute and showcased their art work during an exhibition. Study Centre makes sure that the learners get a proper exposure through Workshops, A/V presentations and Film Shows on the topics pertaining to visual art, biographies and contributions of renowned artists etc. Biswas said that the equipments and tools for applied art and painting classes are also provided to the learners at the centre. Outdoor study for a module in perspective study is also arranged for the learners. This enables them to understand the subject in greater detail.

Study material was received by the learners timely till last year but for the present academic year the study material has been delayed causing problems to our learners. Regional Centre is very cooperative and supports at every step in order to build a strong relationship. The centre plans to introduce print making and sculpture courses as well at the study centre since they specialize in these respective areas as well. Since sculpture installations have become an upcoming trend in office building and home decor, therefore Biswas believes in training learners in these specialized areas where they can flourish and excel. Outstation students also join the courses at this institute in large number. According to Biswas this has greatly benefited the institute since the learners from different part of India bring with them different cultures, traditions and art forms. When these learners work together, the cultural exchange is generated leading to an amalgamation of different art forms.

In the near future, the institute also plans to have its own Art Gallery, Artist studio, Photo Archives for Music & Fine arts, Documentation Centre and Resource centre for Art & Culture. The basic motto of the centre is to make TIAD the ultimate destination of all artists and art lovers in future.

by Ezra John

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