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IGNOU Jodhpur Study Centre at G. D. Memorial College: Believes that Regional Centre and study centre together can do wonders

Memorial College, Jodhpur envisions to deliver by consistently searching the
futuristic learning needs, acquire knowledge using technologies and provide
equal opportunities to citizens to evolve as a knowledge powered, technology
driven and value guided  global citizens.
The mission of the college is to search for and acquire contemporary and
state-of-art knowledge bases and humane pedagogy technologies and to deploy
best brains so as to evolve intellectual, adaptive and humane personalities
capable of creating value in the society.

S. K. Parihar, the Coordinator of IGNOU study centre (SC 2321) at G.D. Memorial
College also serves in the faculty of Engineering as an Associate Professor.
Prof. S.K. Parihar, humbly admits that the institute expertise in the Computer
Science subjects and thus counts it as a strong ground for establishing this
study centre. But along with Computer courses the study centre also imparts
knowledge on few other courses as well for the learners.

recent developments at the study centre have been primarily on the grounds of
teaching. Teaching at the centre has been transformed from the traditional oral
mode to a much more interactive medium with the usage of power-point
presentations and demonstrations in the counsellings sessions by all the
counselors. Along with the administrative developments, Prof. Parihar regards
the competence of holding the classes regularly at the centre as an achievement
in itself. He credited the Internet and mobile technology by saying that “it
offers us great help in contacting our learners from time to time.”

on the course content, he feels that it should be at par with the needs of the
society, industry and the market. “Whatever changes are needed should be done
for timely up gradation”, he added. As Cyber Crime is a new field which has
been introduced by IGNOU, Prof. Parihar says that the course still has to
become popular in his region for which he suggests that there should be two
courses, one as the foundation course and the other as the updated module.
Prof. Parihar holds the view that IGNOU being a grand university should take
care of its courses by updating them timely with more inputs from the
counselors who impart knowledge to the learners at the grass root level. Prof.
Parihar while speaking on the subject of attendance said that “any subject
which requires practical knowledge is essential for both conventional and
distance mode learners”. Therefore he suggests that the counseling schedules at
IGNOU should be made compulsory.

Parihar believes that industries often come for campus placement at the centre
to recruit fresh graduates because of the brand name IGNOU. The status and aura
of IGNOU in the region has been built up over the past few years. The Regional
Centre and the study centre have contributed towards it by informing people
regarding IGNOU’s courses through local news papers, local television network
providers and even through publicity vans by visiting various rural areas
around Jodhpur.

Parihar while speaking on the newly formed Regional Centre at Jodhpur said that
“it is very new and the staff has the zeal to perform exemplarily. The target
of the Regional Centre and the study centre is to enhance the enrolment for
which a joint team visits the rural areas regularly to create awareness about
the IGNOU programmes”. This procedure of enhancing the enrolment, according to
Prof. Parihar, has done wonders and is most likely to continue on a larger
scale in future.              

by Ezra John

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