IIT students’ research work to go online

The research work of students of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) will now be available on a website. A consortium of students of various IITs has decided to make available their research on a common platform for all the institutes. The move will also ensure improving the quality of research and avoiding the repetition of the research topics. The website will be launched by the end of November. 

A two-day long summit of IIT students called “Inter-IIT Gymkhana Summit 2011″ which began at IIT-Gandhinagar (IIT-GN) on October 22, 2011 discussed issues which are common to all of them. The summit was attended by student representatives from 10 IITs including IIT Gandhinagar, Guwahati, Rajasthan, Mandi, Ropar, Indore, Madras and Hyderabad. IIT Kanpur and Bombay joined the sessions online. 

The students also discussed how they could share research works of students of B Tech, M Tech and PhD students. “As students are unaware of past researches, they often repeat the same research. If all the past researches are available online, this repetition can be avoided.” 

“Students can take forward researches undertaken by other students and carry it forward towards advanced stages. A rich database of a wide range of research could also become a very useful learning resource,” said an IIT alumnus Kalyan Surapanani, who initiated the “Inter-IIT Gymkhana Summit” four years back.

[Source: Times of India]


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