India must not copy US technology models: Sam Pitroda

Delivering a lecture on “Impact of Information Technology on Indian society” at Microsoft.s TechED 2010 conference, Sam Pitroda, advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has said that India should develop an indigenous technology model for development that focuses on low-cost solutions, instead of copying the consumption-based American model which is unsuitable for this country.

According to Pitroda, the country needs to look at new technological development models in areas such as education and health for better development. “ICT has already pervaded everywhere in India. But what we need is technology that is cost effective, local content and usage of local language. It is time to ensure that ICT percolated to the village level and for this, the IT professionals need to evolve cost effective methods,” Pitroda added.

“I personally believe the US model of consumption-based economy is not scalable, sustainable for a country like ours as India has its own challenges and requires Indian model focused on low-cost solutions,” Pitroda said while addressing the conference participants via videoconferencing from Chicago.

Source: PTI, Mangalorean

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