India Youth Forum hosts Conference On ‘Country And Society Ideals’

The India Youth Forum conference
2012 will be hosted at the education centre of Jawaharlal Nehru University on
March 30th, 2012. The conference will feature seminars and round tables on key
issues determining the quality and ideals of a society structure within any
country. To be held on 30th March 2012, the conference aims at bringing up
real-time issues that affect nations globally, and locally, and aims to develop
a pathway forward on which to work towards development, education and
interactions with the various government ministries.

The event will be attended by
Imran Mukhtarov representing the republic of Azerbaijan as he holds the post of
Project Manager in the Ministry of Education. Dr. Vladimor Ivanovich Yakunin,
Founding President of the World Public Forum’s ‘Dialogue of Civilizations’ from
Russia, Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public
Information Infrastructure & Innovations, Prof. Sudhir Kumar Sopory, Vice
Chancellor of JNU and  Julia Kinash,
President of the International Movement “Youth Time” and
Editor-in-chief Youth Time Magazine will also attend the event.

Other senior educationists and
environmentalists from Romania, Ukraine, France, Greece and even neighbours
Nepal will also attend the event.

The main topics of discussion
include the ‘ideals’ for society, country and individual within the context of
modern politics, economics and technology. Education and the systemic flaws,
the intrinsic need to look beyond mere degrees and a corresponding methodology
on how to carry out the same.

Environment and issues that
pertain to energy, ecology, conservation and preservation will also be

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