It’s mandatory for schools in Maharastra to display vital details on web

The Maharastra Government has come out with a Government Resolution (GR) by considering Bansal Committee report. According to the latest GR, it will be mandatory for all schools in Maharastra to have a website and display vital information about the school and its management.

The website should list the optional subjects, fee structure, total fees for the year, the heads under which fees are to be charged, the refund policy, PTA formation, and the number of holidays in an academic year. It should also list the school’s balance sheet and the contact details of the management. The GR has also set a formula to determine fees, tally the number of sections (primary, secondary, higher secondary) and the terms at school and divide this figure by the number of children in school to arrive at an average figure for the school fees per child. Although schools are allowed to make a reasonable surplus, the amount has not been specified yet. But before any hike (only once in 3 years), schools must consult the PTA over the matter and the fee-hike proposals must be made six months before the academic year begins. “We have taken several suggestions from the Bansal Committee report, which is parent-friendly,” said Balasaheb Thorat, Cabinet School Education Minister of State. “The SC, in a similar judgment, used the term ‘reasonable for surplus’. We have taken legal opinion on the matter and have decided not to define the term.” [Source: DNA]

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