Kerala govt seeks explanation from MG University on 5 yr LLB

“MG University has failed to address the issue in the last two years and we have sought an explanation,” said law minister AK Balan.

MG University in 2011-12 started the double degree programme. University’s Board of Studies approved the syllabus and scheme for the course and it was decided to compulsorily teach criminology, forensic science and public administration.

However, BCI refused to grant permanent affiliation for the course, stating that it doesn’t have UGC recognition and as it had only one major social science subject. As per Bar Council Legal Education Rules 2008, if syllabus is not as it is subscribed by the Council, then they can refuse affiliation. Also UGC Act 22 has not approved the said course.

Therefore, on November 19, 2014, the Bar Council send a letter to MG University informing them of this. But they didn’t make any changes in the syllabus and continued admitting students for the course. Also they allowed colleges to start this course, ToI reported.


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