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Khan Academy Videos In Indian Languages By 2018

New Delhi: By the year 2018, a non-profit organization, Khan Academy, is all set to expand its reach in the country by providing educational videos in Gujarati, Bengali and Hindi. The MD of Khan Academy, Sandeep Bapna confirmed that, “Currently, the content on Khan Academy’s portal which is also tailored to the Indian curriculum is available in English. The vernacular content will not be dubbed but will be re-customised in local languages to tap the hinterland market in India.”

The Academy entered into an agreement with the Karnataka government to tap the population using Kannada language for use across government schools in the state. According to Bapna, this way, the content can be rapidly scaled on the portal in the regional languages. “This content will be hosted on sub-domains and students can choose whether they would prefer content in English or their mother tongue,” he added.

Bapna felt that, this exercise would aid in like a personalized tutor. “The portal has content which tracks a user’s progress and suggests recommendations accordingly with the audio in the background sounding like one’s friend,” he elaborated.

The portal covers subjects like maths, science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, economics and finance as well as preparatory material for tests such as SAT and GMAT. There are approximately over 5,500 videos and 20,000 exercises for maths and physics content mapped for Indian curriculum. “While the focus is on maths and physics currently, we plan to map other subjects such as social science as well to the Indian curriculum By the end of 2018,” said Bapna.

The Khan Academy content gets over 1 million users from India for its content. Its app also has the option to access low-bandwidth videos.


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