Loyola College prof to get CSI Significant Contribution Award

Jerald Inico, an assistant professor at the computer science department of Loyola College, will receive CSI Significant Contribution award for 2010. The award has been instituted by Computer Society of India.

Prof. Inico has been chosen by CSI to laud his efforts in helping out disabled students by promoting the use of technology in their lives. His efforts have helped them in overcoming barriers and decreasing dependency on scribes.

Prof Inico heads the Resource Centre for the Differently-Abled, set up last September with the support of the then principal Fr Albert Muthumalai, to help students in the college gain access to printed resources.

“We started the RCDA with help from the ministry of social justice and empowerment last year. Students with visual impairments first used it to study from books. Now they are so confident about using the equipment that they hand in assignments and take internal tests on it without the help of a scribe. Next year we have panned to get clearance from the board of studies of the university to allow the students to take their semester exams online,” Inico said.

Inico conducts various workshops and seminars for differently abled students and help them in adopting technology to lead a better life. He also co-ordinated the nationwide Right to Read campaign kickstarted from Loyola College.

“This is the first time I am getting recognition from outside for my efforts. I am greatly encouraged by it. During the last year I was focused on helping students with visual impairments. This year I want to get more facilities for students with other disabilities, starting with students with dyslexia and slow learners.” said elated professor.

The award will be presented to Jerald Inico on November 25 in Mumbai. CSI Significant Award is bestowed on an existing member, who has contributed significantly to the Chapter activities prescribed in CSI manual for atleast 2 years.

Prof J. Jerald Inico is an M. Sc, M. Phil, MCP, MCSI, (Phd). He is also founder & former student branch councilor of Loyola College. He handles coordination of various programmes of the college and also Loyola College Sports Committee. He is in Placement cell, Department of Computer Science of the college.

[Source: Times of India]
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