Why Lucknow University has declared Valentine’s Day a holiday

NEW DELHI: Lucknow University has declared Valentine’s Day (V-Day) a holiday, but not for the reason that immediately springs to mind.

The reason is the university doesn’t want students to celebrate romantic love – as is done on V-Day February 14 – because it is “western culture”.

The language of an advisory it has issued also suggests the university would much rather students celebrate February 14 as ‘mahashivratri”, a Hindu festival that falls on the day this year.

To ensure there is absolutely no nod to V-Day customs – like exchanging flowers and chocolates – the university has declared February 14 a holiday, citing ‘mahashivratri’ as the reason. And to completely rule out anyone giving anyone else as much as a rose, the university has forbidden students from coming to campus on the day, on pain of disciplinary action.

“In recent years, we have observed that students, influenced by western culture, celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. In this connection, students are notified that the university will be closed on February 14, 2018, for ‘mahashivratri’ “, said the Lucknow University advisory, according to ANI, which obtained a copy of the document.

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