MHRD dissolves Distance Education Council; UGC to frame guidelines

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has dissolved
Distance Education Council (DEC) with immediate effect and University Grants
Commission has been given the responsibility of Open and Distance Learning (ODL).

The DEC under Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU),
was the apex regulatory body for distance education offered by universities
across the country.

UGC Secretary in his letter addressed to the Vice
Chancellors of all the universities has said, “Distance Education Council (DEC),
has been repealed and deleted with immediate effect. Accordingly, DEC of IGNOU
stands dissolved.”

Ministry of Human
Resource Development, government of India has entrusted all the regulatory responsibilities
of ODL education system in the country upon UGC. UGC, in the meantime is
working on development of appropriate regulations for maintaining standards in
ODL programmes,” the letter says.

UGC has also asked the universities not to affiliate any new
centre of ODL till it comes up with new regulations.  

By IER Staff

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67 thoughts on “MHRD dissolves Distance Education Council; UGC to frame guidelines”

  1. The distance council have been abolished without out giving a strong warning to the institution or University to change the way of their pattern and make the course and teaching as per direction of UGC and HRD. The standard of education should have been maintained as this degrees will provide the candidates a honorable dignity in the society .Joginder Singh,Gorakhpur

  2. Many thanks to AICTE (All India Corruption in Technical Education), UGC (ULTA GRANTS COMMISSION) and similar corrupt organizations in this corrupt country which allowed to establish Many educational shops like university, Deemed to Be Universities, So Called garbage professional colleges with no infrastructure and faculty members, with no moral education but to adopt Crime as career. In last few years many such so called professionals adopted crime as profession. VARUN YADAV, AJAY PAL SINGH ALIAS SHEELU and SHAFIQ ALAM- B.Tech and polytechnic students killed their teacher Jagdamba Prasad Mishra an ex-principal of Govt. Polytechnic and his wife at Kanpur to robbed them and give gifts to their girl friends! SHAME ON SUCH EDUCATION AND THIS SHAMELESS PERVERT GENERATION!

  3. Dear HRD Minister,
    Please close all the commissions, councils, and bring all the institute/university under MHRD directly. That may be change the picture of our education system.

  4. I am not sure of accreditation process of NAAC or NBA has improved the standards of education. I have many cases, around me, the accreditation is carried out in arbitrary manner. In fact, worst depts do get accreditation. In case of students admissions, NAAC or NBA has no relevance..except that the degree awarded is recognised or not. why all such processes? cant ugc or aicte ensure that when a college is opened,,it must adhere to all norms,,else it must be closed, and students transferred,,in one shot in online.. no nba no naac or anything of that kind. i think mhrd has to rethink in this direction..
    Concepts of autonomy , deemed university are suited when the student composition and managements composition is across the country. at present most of autonomous and deemed uni. have managements and students from same give and take polisy exists..
    lastly..please ensure that education n business be seperated out.. i bet no will have courage to do it.

  5. The Notification of Dissolution of Distance Education Council (DEC), IGNOU is out. Now the question is how has the power to regulate ODL in India legally; UGC or AICTE or IGNOU as a University.

    DEC was formed from Statue 28 of IGNOU Act, 1985 and the preamble of the IGNOU act says “An Act to establish and incorporate an Open University at the national level for the introduction and promotion of open university and distance education systems in the educational pattern of the country and for the co-ordination and determination of standards in such systems”.

    As per act IGNOU was given the responsibility for the promotion and coordination of ODL system in India. But before IGNOU UGC was the sole regulator for all Higher Education including ODL.

    Now the Question is that by just deleting a statue of an Act of Parliament mean that IGNOU has lost it powers or by dissolving the powers of DEC the powers are gain in the hand of IGNOU as an University or can MHRD just by an executive order can defeat the actual purpose of IGNOU Act. Now after dissolution of DEC where the powers have gone to IGNOU as a University or UGC or MHRD or the amendment in IGNOU Act is required after discussing the issue in parliament as the Act was from Parliament.

    Can BOM of IGNOU amend the Act formed by parliament.??

  6. Dear Sir,
    In SMU MBA HR course Industrial and Labour Laws subjects were not covered. I hope this topic in the course will fullfil the aim of the aspirants .
    Thank you

  7. we the students from j and k are studying in mewar university through MHRD scheme.The roll is at least seven hundred students .Is scholarship applicable for all those students

  8. Students those who completed their degree in engineering from Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeedh Deemed university,spends money arranged from different sources like loans from any where,and finally their degree not accepting by their department

  9. Students those who completed their degree in engineering from Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeedh Deemed university,spends money arranged from different sources like loans from any where,and finally their degree not accepting by their department

  10. There are two options if you want to stop corruption in higher education first option dissolve all the Deemed and Private Universities otherwise second option allow all the universities to offer distance traditional courses and keep control on Technical Courses only.

  11. sit i want to know that if i do two degree courses, one through distance mood and another through regular mood, will it be valid or not?

    i will be highly thankful to you if you make me sure proving adequate answer..

  12. DEC is abolished and is a good news for distance education system in our country. New regulations for distance education should focus on not allowing any deemed or private universities to run distance courses at all. State and central universities should be allowed to run courses with specific guidelines. Selling of degrees by private and deemed universities in our country, should be stopped by not allowing them to conduct distance courses.
    New regulations on ODL system should focus on effective monitoring of ODL system of education in our country. IGNOU and other central universities should be given preference for distance education provision and also state universities. Coordination also needs to be strengthened and should derecognize state universities who are not following the norms of guidelines for ODL system.
    Looking forward for effective guidelines for effective distance education management system by UGC.

  13. Bhanu Shankar Mishra,Retd Reader in Economics,Utkal University 15.7.14
    The UGC sponsored Evening College & Correspondence Course schemes have played major roles in the expansion of college education in many States of our country between 1960-90 thanks to the pioneering & dedicated works of Dr Ruddar Dutt,Prof Baksheesh Singh,Prof G.Rammie Reddy,Prof B.N.Kaul,Dr Ram Shankar Rath and many other.Only the insiders knew the impact it had on society.They were mostly student-service-quality-centric…However, over the time,greed,non-conformity to UGC Guidelines,mismanagement,personal ambition,lack of dedication,ignorance and lack of state support their roles diminished.Some. of these institutions are still playing important roles in the field of expansion of low cost higher education.People giving views on these not so visible Insitutions,should do so only after visiting Some of them,interacting with their Staff & Students without any bias and with some sympathy…UGC should play an important role.Quality should be ensured.Money making should be banished. Distance Education can be a powerful agent of expansion of higher education in our country.

  14. DEC was diluting and commercializing Distance education.Its abolition and transfer of its role back to UGC should lead to better performance of Distance Education Institutions in our country.People giving their views should have a NEAR view of DISTANCE education in our country.