MHRD launches opinion-poll on IIT-JEE reforms

In a first of its kind initiative, the human resource development (HRD) ministry and the department of science and technology (DST) have launched opinion poll on the proposed reforms to various engineering tests, including the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) of the IITs. The government is also using social networking site Facebook to popularise the online poll.

Sudents, parents and other stakeholders are free to give their opinion on the reforms.

MHRD has proposed replacing the multiple entrance tests conducted by states, private engineering schools, and the IIT-JEE and the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) with a single national testing scheme (NTS).

A section of the academic community has criticized replacing IIT-JEE.

According to sources, the opinion poll results will clear two things, “We believe that while sections may support multiple tests, the majority will support the initiative to save students the trouble of having to sit for repeated entrance tests. The opinion poll will help us establish that support, and make the task of pushing the NTS easier,” a source explained.

This mass support — which the government is confident it will garner — will also help it counter opposition likely from some states that run their own entrance tests, the sources said.

The proposed National Test Scheme is designed to allow selection of students for admission to tertiary education. It is based on the single examination evaluation instead of the prevailing multiple competitive examination system in the country.

[Source: HindustanTimes]

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15 thoughts on “MHRD launches opinion-poll on IIT-JEE reforms”

  1. Sir,
    It is a welcome initiative to have a common entrance exam. It will definitely take away the unnecessary burden and tension on students and parents. I am not able to understand why we are not in a position to have a common syllabus for our Higher secondary level education. As on date since the syllabus of different educational boards are different, a common syllabus focusing on fundamentals can be published for the entrance exam in the beginning itself. Since we are definitely not testing the memory of students, the Question paper can be planned with different sets of questions on fundamental concepts with different difficulty levels, and the extended rank list can be used by all institutions. Moreover, in order to avoid the chance factor, we can think of 2 papers in each subject, so that the students will get ample number of questions from all topics covered in the syllabus. Now a days the higher secondary level teaching in regular institutions are deteriorating like anything due to lack of interest from the student community as they are focusing on entrance study only which is definitely affecting the study of students except the top rankers. Again the students coming to professional colleges are skilled and motivated to write MCQ only and many a times find difficult to answer descriptive questions. A scheme of ranking with a common admission test like this along with giving weightage for the Higher secondary exam marks is felt to be a better choice.

  2. The proposal by the government to conduct sigle entrance test for admission to technical institutions in INDIA is welcome. On the one hand it will bring lot of ease to parents while on the other the tremendous lpressure on students to prepare two different types of syllabii (AIEEE+JEE)at +1 and +2 level will be avoided, rather the students will focus on unifrom one syllabus all over Ithe country. But to uniformly and comprehensively cover all the syllabus two papers(Paper 1 +Paper 2 could be conducted).Now a days the higher secondary level teaching in regular schools is taking a backseat due to lack of interest from the student community as they are focusing their energies on obective entrance study only which is definitely affecting the study of students.

  3. I my opinion the engineering colleges should be put in grades A, B, C, D and the entrace test for each grade of colleges has to be different. This will enable students to get in the colleges as per the caliber as many of the students can’t sometimes understand IIT-JEE paper even.