MHRD moots Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education

The Human Resource Development Ministry has mooted setting
up of Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education. An independent autonomous
research organization, CPRHE would cover higher education policy analysis,
improvement of governance of higher education, dissemination of comprehensive
information base and bring out quality publications.

Registered under the Societies’ Act, the body would be
funded the Centre or the University Grants Commission (UGC). It would be headed
by an eminent scholar, and will consist of inter-disciplinary-oriented faculty
of about 10 members, drawn from areas such as economics, sociology, philosophy,
history, political science and public administration.

CPRHE’s mission is to become a “knowledge warehouse and
a cutting-edge centre of research on higher education policy”. The main
aim of the body is to promote excellence in higher education, ensuring improved
access, equity and quality. The Centre would be an inter-disciplinary research
unit, but would limit itself to policy, planning and development aspects of
higher education.

It will focus on arts, science, technical and professional.
The Union government will not just provide funding but will also institute
short/medium term visiting fellowship programmes. It would have tie-ups with
national and international organizations.

CPRHE will be beneficial for the academic community, the
policymakers and the society at large. It will provide profound understanding
on the complexities and challenges of the higher education system and the slew
of reforms required to fix the shortcomings.

[Source: Times of India]



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