Minimum Wages Act Proposed For Kerala Private School Teachers

Thiruvananthapuram: Governor P Sathasivam, in his customary address to the assembly said that that the government proposes to enact ‘Minimum Wages Act’ for teachers in private unaided schools to ensure quality education.

“This would help attract the best minds to the teaching profession,” Mr Sathasivam said in his speech during the opening day of the Budget session.

Sathasivam also brought forward the need to deploy minds in automation, artificial intelligence, nano technology and robotics as the current jobs will become obsolete.

“Kerala needs to invest in new technologies and borrow the best from global competition,” he said.

For the welfare of the Kerala diaspora, he informed that his government had set-up a 351 member ‘Lok Kerala Sabha’ with non-resident Keralite (NRKs) delegates and special invitees along with MPs and MLAs.

“The government is committed to support NRKs in a variety of ways, including awareness campaigns for safe migration, pre-departure orientation programmes, skill upgrade programmes and assistance to stranded people.

“Rehabilitation of returnees and reintegration training are some of the other proposed initiatives in this area.

“My government is also committed to harness the goodwill and financial capabilities of expatriates in the process of modernisation and further development of Kerala,” he said.

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