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NAAC accreditation has become a customary thing

As per my experience while I was working as the Vice
Chancellor of Rajasthan University, was told by the chief minister and Governor
who is also the Chancellor of state universities that NAAC accreditation is
must. We went for it and we got A+ grade just one grade below the best A++. But
look at the condition of university is now what has happened, nowhere. No special
grant, no recognition as such only thing that happened was that University
started writing NAAC accredited university with A+ grade. So, I think NAAC has
just become a symbolism. Look at some of the best universities in country, JNU,
DU, Hyderabad University they are not NAAC accredited. We at JNU always thought
that there are a not competent person who could inspect us, that was our

NAAC should be there for universities which needs support, encouragement
and need some kind of monetary help.


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57 thoughts on “NAAC accreditation has become a customary thing”

  1. NAAC has miserably failed to achieve all its proclaimed objectives. It could not make even the slightest impact in the higher education scenerio on quality front even after a decade of its creation. No one takes it seriously, not even the government, its creator, leave apart the other stake holders like students and teachers.

  2. sir/madam,
    As you know that Hindustan university is located in Chennai and i want to inform you that the staffs are not comfortable working here because of the difficulties they face in the institution they have not given the increment for the year 2012-2013 but they have increased the bus fare to 50% more then the normal fare then they are not giving as lunch or tea or breakfast for staffs and students too . then they have deducted the difference in bus fare for there months,most of the staffs are getting only 10,000 plus salary and they deduct like this without giving any increment is it fare, then this month also they are deducting money for uniform which they are providing to be worn for photo section and university functions the management has money for unnecessary expenses but for the staffs they are not providing any thing favorable.

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