New PhD norms in Karnataka state universities

The state council for higher education in Karnataka has prepared common PhD norms which will be applicable for all the state universities. The norms were announced by Higher Education Minister V S Acharya. The council made it mandatory for candidates pursuing PhD to do a six-month course work and clear three theory papers and an interview.

There will be three theory papers of 100 marks each and 50 marks for viva voce for the course, which consists of research methodology, core subject paper and field of specialisation

The state council also introduced minimum and maximum time limit to complete the PhD. A candidate registering for PhD needs to submit the thesis after three years and before five years. The thesis will be put on the website to rule out plagiarism.

“There will be a doctoral committee which will conduct pre registration and pre submission of thesis collegiums for each candidate. Candidates should have published at least two research papers in the journal of repute before becoming eligible to submit the thesis,” informed Acharya.

Adjudication of the thesis is by the two adjudicators/ one chosen from within Karnataka and other from outside Karnataka including foreign adjudicators. Both the adjudicators shall recommend the award of degree to enable the student to face the PhD viva, Acharya added.

Meanwhile, the council has also decided on the common admission formula for all UG and PG courses. It is must for the UG students to finish the course in six years and PG course in four years (double the duration). Also, as per the recommendations by NR Shetty panel a vice-chancellor’s term is restricted to at all the universities.

[Source: Express Buzz]

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66 thoughts on “New PhD norms in Karnataka state universities”

  1. These norms are really excellent. As per the norms mentioned above, 2 SCI Indexed journals are essential. what i suggest is that among the 2 one must be an indian journal. This will surely help to increase the impact factor of the indian journal…..

  2. Why it is called new Ph.D rule? These rule is already given by UGC & MHRD, Govt. of India in 2009 and it has been published in the Gazzete of India in 2009. The rule is in active and applicable for all kind of Ph.D.

  3. Ph.D. degree norms of Karnatak Universities is an eye opener for all universities, in other states too.

    It is really a bold, necessary and much needed step taken, however late.

    Higher education Minister V S Acharya deserves praise for this note worthy step of implementing the rule and he will be remembered for a long time in the education field for this.

    I hope other states will follow.

    A humble suggestion is that, all universities should make the thesis submitted in the last 5 years to be made available on the internet, subject wise. This will check piracy from older thesis and shall be useful to researchers.

    Dr. Satya Sheel
    MN NIT Allahabad

  4. It is a very positive move by the Hon’ble minister Sri Acharya. Let’s hope this helps improve the quality and quantity of research and there is some control over recycling of the so called contribution to knowledge.

  5. It is a sincere attempt to curtail the dilution of standards in awarding Ph.D. Thanks to the one and all involved in preparing and bringing it in to force. Our duty is to stick on to it improve the quality.

    Dr.S.S.Patil, Kuvempu University

  6. Dear All,
    Let us know, wherether these norms are applicable for already registered candidates or who is going to register for research.

  7. GGSIP university in delhi is the one which is most standard one and do not play around with Ph.D degree. First entrance then course work then research with progress monitoring every six months. Candidates file contains systamitic progress reports by the guides as well as Scool of Research Committee(SRC) members. Thesis submission elligibility is only after two research publications in the top impact factor journals listed by the university. Only after the regourous pre ph. d Viva oc with SRC candidate can submit thesis with the approval of SRC. The thesis will then be sent to two reviewers selected by VC. One reviewer from abroad and the other from india. Reccamendation from both the reviewer is amust. Candidate then have to defend the thesis with board of examinors. Maximum duration for Ph . D thesis is six and minimum is three.

  8. Thanks to all those who brought this new rule in the process of Ph.D awarding.
    It should have been done long back. The potential instituitions of higher learnings, it may be a unversity or a college and the committed research oriented scholar be given recognization produce Ph.D and M.Phil as against the present system confined to only universities.


  9. The following points are very essential before submitting the Ph.D thesis.

    1. Candidates should complete the course-work papers with minimum 70% marks
    2. Candidates should have published two papers in reputed international journals compulsorily with good impact factors.

  10. Dear All,
    Let us know, wherether these norms are applicable for already registered candidates or who is going to register for research.
    Pl. reply some one….

  11. 1.The research guide should not retire from their professional excellency after they attain retirement at the age of 60 or 62, They should be allowed to guide students officially. If they are eminent in their area of research the depth of knowledge would benefit to students as well as to the country.
    2. Before implementing the new guidelines universities should ensure proper library facility to researcher and instrumentation facility. If these facilities are centralised it is much better. Country should not expect extrordinary inventions from students unless provide the proper facilities to students.

    3. The entrance exam is not a solution alone to improve the quality, rather Ph.D is creation of new knowledge therefore interst for doing research should be the criteria and training the student is the responsibility of guide.

  12. Congradulations to Higher Education Minister V.S.Acharya for introducing PhD norms including course work in Karnataka state.This can be viewed as the first step in improving the research quality and output. There is an urgent need to introduce similar norms in all state universities by Higher Eduction Departments.

  13. New PhD norms in Karnataka state universities.

    It is very sad to know the news as it will make troubles to those teacher scholars who apply for part-time research in Universities in Karnataka.Teacher scholars join for part-time Ph D by an undertaking in writing to the concerned governmnt thatpart-time Ph D programme in no way affect the work load and any additional financial burden to exchequer,but how do the teacher scholars can attend the six month course work.

    Moreover teachers can apply for FIP programme under UGC norms only after registering for Ph D in a University.

    But the present Ph D norms insist that registration begins with course work…it is after all anti research and anti-academic decision.It will not do any good to research and quality improvement in higher education scenario.

    The Karnataka state council for higher education should immediately find a solution …?what is the way out ?

  14. The Professors who are pursuing their Ph.D prior to 2009 , are facing doubts as to the applicability of UGC Regulations On PhD to registrations prior to 2009 regarding course work. Whether the benefit of 2010 regulation of 3 additional increment will be denied to them if their PhD is without course work. I request the IER to immediately inquire about this and clarify the position with the UGCsince both the researchers and academicians of this country are in utter confusion on this issue.

  15. The meaning of distance education is itself lost if the six-month course work is made mandatory and the PhD aspirant is asked to attend the coursework. However, examination for the minimum number of papers can be conducted, followed by publication in journals of repute prior to submission of thesis. Let it be known that there are thousands of employees/ teachers/PhD aspirants who cannot attend course work due to various work pressures at their Organisations.

  16. Excellent Norms! Except examination Instead Three Jornal Papers Two International & one National Publications Can be sufficient.

  17. Course Work is totally confusion for the Karnataka University Dharwad on going Research students those who have already complited twenty months and sumbitted three progress Reports and started the chapter writing..what about them…?
    please anybody can answer for this…waiting for the reply……

  18. Six months course work for ph.d in Karnataka has created several problems for aided college peramanent lecturers those who have registered their names for ph.d in November 2009 and working accordingly.everybody knows that peramanent teachers will not be given any special leaves for it.
    but the question is whether six months course work is must for them ? or they will be given relaxation. if so or if not please give clear cut Idia about this . consern people will be greatful to you.
    Thank you.

  19. Injustice happening in the selection of Ph.D candidates in the dept., of Applied Electronics, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga since from the year 2004-05 till date.I hope your goodself will look into the selection process, intimation to the candidate details and complaints since from the year 2004-05 in the said dept., and university. Thank u.

  20. SIR,

  21. i cleared my NET & JRF in Commerce, but i have done my PG in management (MBA-HR).
    now, i am very much worried about the acceptability of this combination for Phd Admission as well as for the post of Asst. professor.

    Kindly guide me on this soon.

    I wish to get a positive and tension free response from your end.

    Thank you so much

  22. I have done BE in Madurai Kamaraj University.In Vinayaka Missions University(2007)I did my ME Through Distance mode.But I was denied PhD Eligibility in Anna University. If this is the case why Vinayaka missions University offers ME (CSE) through distance. Both the Universities have no answers regarding the issues .Inspite of 10 years experience and inclination towards research and Teaching ,Anna Universities and some other univesities decline to have Distance education degree holders.We need to improve the education system.It is not shouting and getting attention through media that Women should be encouraged to do research.They are insulted by these universities.
    Let me know reputed universities offering admissions for research for distance education ME degree holders.

  23. There is a confusion in preparing examiner panel for the award of the Ph.D degree
    Is the panel should be prepared in consultation with the supervisor or not.
    In consultation with the supervisor helps in selecting the examiner in the filed where the candidate worked. If the BOS chairman prepare the panel of exminers without the supervisor, then there will be a unnecessary delay in awarding the degree. So my earnest request is to send any written document wherein the panel of examiners should prepare in consultation with the supervisor.