No laptops for faculty at IIT Kharagpur

The Indian Institute of Technology –
Kharagpur has decided to scrap the controversial proposal to provide laptops to its faculty under a government scheme after a professor raised questions
about the price of the laptops.

“We will not give laptops to faculty
under the CPDA scheme,” registrar T.K. Ghosal said without elaborating.

In November 2010, the Kharagpur
institute decided to include in the scheme laptops for use at home. It chose
the vendors from which it would buy the machines, based on the recommendations
of a computer purchase maintenance and negotiation committee.

However, a faculty member raised
questions over the price of a particular model. The professor, who wanted to
purchase an XPS model of Dell under a different government project, pointed out
that the IIT was shelling out Rs 28,000 more for each Dell M4500 laptop which,
he said, had the same features as an XPS machine.

The institute had approved HP, Sony
and Dell machines and quoted a price of Rs 1,07,120 for the M4500 Dell model.
The professor pointed out that a Dell XPS cost Rs 79,000 in the market — Rs
28,120 lower than the machine chosen by the IIT.

After the controversy, the institute
asked the HRD ministry whether laptops could be included in the scheme. The
ministry replied saying if the professors had been provided with computers at
home under any other project, the institute should not go ahead with the plan.

The Cumulative Performance
Development Allowance scheme was suppose to provide Rs 3 lakh to each faculty
member in all the IITs. The money was suppose to be utilized over a period of
three years ending September 2011.

[Source: The Telegraph]


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