NSDC invests Rs 22.5 crore in SkillSonics

SkillSonics has secured Rs 22.5 crore funding (equity and
loan) from the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) towards
accelerating its target of training and certifying up to a million engineering
technicians by 2022.

As per SkillSonics, since 2009 it has trained over 600
apprentices till now, in collaboration with Swiss vocational training
institutions. SkillSonics plans to step up its presence to eight states,
covering all the major engineering clusters across the country. Towards meeting
these targets, SkillSonics will augment its manpower, to over 3000.

NSDC CEO & MD, Dilip Chenoy said, “An estimated 12
million youth get added to the workforce every year and they need to be trained
with relevant skills meeting industry demand to be employable. Currently, only
5 per cent of India’s workforce receives any sort of formal training as
against, 70 per cent in Germany or 95 per cent in South Korea. We need to scale
up our training offerings both in terms of quantity and quality to make youth
employable. In this light, we are very happy to work with SkillSonics that has
introduced industry-led Swiss-quality vocational training in India.”

The Swiss Ambassador to India, Dr Linus von Castelmur said,
“Partnership between NSDC and SkillSonics is a step towards further
strengthening Indo-Swiss cooperation. SkillSonics is building on the pilot to
implement the Swiss Vocational and Educational Training (VET) model in India on
a self-sustainable basis. This funding will give them a boost in this
direction. The Swiss VET model is a proven model and I am sure it will reap
benefits in the Indian context especially in view of the country’s growing need
for skilled labor.”

Speaking on the funding and partnership with NSDC, G P
Chandra Kumar, Chairman and CEO, SkillSonics said, “We are very happy with the
endorsement of our apprenticeship based, Industry Driven, Public Private
partnership model by the NSDC. We believe that drastic steps must be taken to
skill-up the Indian labour force, while enabling greater employment
opportunities for the millions of educated unemployed youth. Moreover, there is
a dire need to empower our industry to compete globally, which is possible only
with internationally acceptable levels of skilled manpower. We are confident
that we will be able to closely work with NSDC to scale up this ecosystem in

SkillSonics courses, designed in collaboration with Swissmem
(Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing Industries) and SFIVET (Swiss
Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training). The apprentices spend
only about 65 per cent of the time doing course-work (mostly practical work and
projects), leaving the remaining time to be spent on productive work on the
shop floor or company-specific training.

Courses are also offered to existing technicians that lead
to continuous improvement of existing workforce. 

By IER Staff

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