PhD must for assistant lecturers: UGC

The University Grants
Commission’s notification has made it mandatory for candidates applying for
assistant lecturer ship to have a PhD degree. Earlier, candidates with M.Phil
and NET/SLAT qualifications could also apply for the posts. The recent
notification has created trouble for more than 100 candidates in Gujarat who
has applied for the post of assistant lecturers.

The state government has
to fill up a total of 532 posts in this recruitment drive.

The state education
commissioner’s office received hundreds of applications for filling up the
posts, and interviews were conducted at Gandhinagar recently. Since the new
notification has come after that stage, more than 100 candidates will be
automatically removed from the final round. The post for the assistant lecturer
has five-year probation where the selected candidates will have a fixed pay of
Rs 7,500.

“If the education
department knew about the qualification required, they could have taken it into
consideration right at the time, as many have spent an application fee of Rs
500 and then spent on to and fro transport to Gandhinagar for their interviews.
We are writing to the UGC about the goof-up and its probable solution,”
said an applicant on condition of anonymity.

[Source: Times of India

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33 thoughts on “PhD must for assistant lecturers: UGC”

  1. No body knows it better than DTE of Govt of Gujarat, the need for improving the quality of education. If some one says Non Phd holders are the better teachers than Phd holders then it is his personal observation within his premises, no policy maker can make it deem think tank. Otherwise whole education policies have to be over turned.

  2. I think we need to be clear in our thoughts.On one side we say we are having shortfall in having faculties and on other side we increase the standards.And we also know that In India higher education needs to be in multiples.How this is possible. We really need the contributors rather than artificial degrees having show case values.In fact 21 yrs old an IAS officer can handle the whole district then why 15 years of experience is required for the principal/director to run an institute. Rgds Dr. Vikas Arora

  3. PhD is not required for educational Institution whose prime responsibility is to teach engineering knowledge and fundamentals.Each university must have a separate wing for R&D whose prime motive must be to do research activity along with some other R&D organisations.PhD qualifications must be made a requirements for such wing and not for engineering Institutions.In our present UGC requirements,unfortunateley neither we achieve good research work nor excellent education.

  4. Dear Mr. Chairman (UGC). There is a need to first do a job analysis as we people read and speak a lot about it in management (HR) education. Does a teacher in certain areas and subjects , actually required a Ph. D degree for being lecturer? How many of the Ph.D’s actually continues to go for self learning I personally believe that if you throw peanuts you will only get monkeys to pick them up. A mere sum of 7500 Rs. for 5 years will actually discourage good talent to get into teaching profession. In this inflated economy where a driver in a sub metro is paid Rs. 5K – 7K per month for a eight hours duty we are expecting a good teacher to accept this pay. Dear Sir, are we not creating teachers by chance rather than by choice?

  5. At the entry level NET/SET should be essential not Ph.D.
    Why Ph.D is required at entry level?
    Why 5 adv. increments r given 2 those teacher hving only PhD but not hving NET/SET ??????????

  6. U G C should not change the essential qualifications for recruitment as Asstt Professor time and again.Sometimes M Phil is made essential,then PhD and now NET. When NET is essential qualification and candidates having PhD are exempted from NET,why they are given 5 advance increments at the entry level.If PhD is not essential qualification then candidates having PHD without NET must be at par with the NET qualified candidates or NET qualified must also be given 5 advance increments.One should not be given 2 advantages at a time i.e. relaxation in qualification and advance increments.

  7. Yes….I m also agree with Dr M M Tiwari’s view regarding increments given to the PhD holders (Non-NET) at the entry level. Actually it is a deprivation fr NET holders. Those who enter into the job of Asst. Prof with PhD (without NET) they not only getting 5 increments but also achiveing their next AGP after 4 year instead of 6 years. they r more beneficial than the NET qualified peoples. so it should be reviewed by UGC and the two above mentioned benefits must be given to those persons who are hving both NET and PhD. The all previous cases in all instititions under UGC and MHRD should be reviewed again, then it will be a proper justice fr all.

  8. Just calculate the numbers years a candidate puts in for getting the bachelor, masters and PH. D Degrees! after that a job that would offer Rs 7500 for five years and then a pay scale as per fifth pay commission… Which youngster would want to come in education? Who would want to be a lecturer? On one side our HRD minister intends invite best of the brains to teaching fraternity and then these kind of gimmics drive them away…. the irony of Indian education.

    Clarification required the article says … assistant lecturer’s post and one the comments mentions asst professor’s post..Please note… Lecturer and professor are not synonymous…

  9. In educational Institutions, Ph.D. should not be any criteria for selection/promotion to any post in teaching. Every year number of Ph.D. are submitted but see what is output. People who are doing Ph.D. do not have time to improve the quality of teaching and those who have done they also do not have much time for improving quality of teaching since they have to get published papers for promotion. So see where is teaching.
    Those who are interested they may be allowed to do Ph.D. and some incetive may be given to them or IITs should be converted to Research Institutions where Ph.D. should be must. There is no uniform criteria/guidelines for Ph.D. in the country so that we can have quality work since Ph.D. is link with job/promotion not with the quality teaching.

  10. For Asst: Prof: recruitment recent notifications of Central Universities( TN, Rajasthan) and UPSC stipulates essential qualification as NET or PhD accordance with UGC 2009 regulations.
    Then what is the future of PhDs and those registered for PhD prior to 10th july 2010 ?
    In most of the employment notifications of the Universities they do not state whether the above group can apply for the post.

    But UGC in a meeting has taken decision to exempt the above category of PhDs. pls refer below
    “The Commission further resolved that since both the above mentioned Regulations are prospective and not retrospective in nature, therefore, all candidates having M.Phil degree on or before 10 th July, 2009 shall remain exempted from the requirement of NET for the purpose of appointment as lecturer/Assistant Professor. Further, all candidates who have either obtained Ph.D degree on or before 31 st December, 2009 and candidates who had registered themselves for Ph.D degree on or before 10 th July, 2009 and are subsequently awarded Ph.D degree, shall remain exempted from the requirement of NET for the purpose of appointment as Lecturer/Assistant Professor”.
    based on this can a PhD who has been awarded PhD or registered prior to 10 july 2010 apply for Asst: Prof post?

  11. I support the view that Ph.D degree should be minimum qualification for teachers in University departments having post graduate courses. NET/SLET is not an University degree, merely an eligibility test for screening teachers and should not be equated with Ph.D degree obtained from University system. However, any quantifiable track records of merits/contributions on the subject or subject specific research contributions/innovations must get additional weightages for the candidate having NET/SLET even without Ph.D degree in teaching post in under graduate courses of the University. For the post graduate teaching position, Ph.D should always be minimum qualification justified with quantifiable academic/ research performances as mentioned in the UGC regulations of 2010 i.e. An Assistant professor must possess requisite API in addition to his /her Ph.D degree for which he/she may also be given exemption from NET/SLET wherever possible at the entry point. Therefore, Ph.D degree along with accountable academic achievements should be the criteria for recruitment of Asstt., Professors in the University even without having NET/SLET. So, the Master degree holders having NET/SLET/JRF-NET in this regard should not be recruited for PG courses undermining Ph.D degree holders in any situation. Rather Ph.D degree holders having accountable research performances, innovations, and skills & experiences (having all evidential supports) must get priority for such position.

  12. It is very difficult to pass UGC NET, but to get a PhD in India is very easy. Therefore, generally people who cannot pass UGC NET accept the PhD instead of UGCNET. Make UGC NET is a mandatory qualification to get admission for PhD. Then this cacophony will end. Then our nation will get qualified people with PhD. PhD alone will not make a student qualify to teach. If UGC is going to make PhD is the only qualification for Assistant Professorship, it is something conspicuous!
    P. Sreekumar, Asst. Professor in Linguistics
    Dravidian University, Andhra Pradesh

  13. It is very unfortunate at the Part of ugc to to relax the condition Of recruitment of College teacher.It shows negative attitude of authorities to fulfill the commitment of quality of Higher education.

  14. By going through the problem What I observed is Govt/UGC looking for well qualified people for Teaching, Who ever having all the skills like Teaching,Soft,Technical,qualification like NET/PHD when remuneration come then they give (5-year probation where the selected candidates will have a fixed pay of Rs 7,500.) can any one say how this magic will happen………………………

  15. In fact till today, the real culprit in regard to ugly mess in higher education in the country has been none other than our autonomous funding body, the UGC. UGC with its dubious, more often self-contradictory and self-defeating/ regulations in basic eligibility criteria meant for the appointment of teachers in colleges and Universities created more confusion. The very first contradiction had emerged when UGC had allowed the state to hold their own Eligibility Tests for recruiting teachers for colleges in states, then where remained the sanctity of NET/ JRF and those who had qualified UGC NET came at par with those who had qualified state eligibility tests. The states were more than happy to implement state eligibility tests as more preferred criteria for the appointment of teachers thus undermining the very importance of a national test. THE RESULTING PARELLEL SYSTEM CAUSED ENORMOUS CONFUSISON to scholars seeking Jobs AND OFTEN GAVE WAY TO CORRUPTION. Those who had qualified BET(Bihar Eligibility Test) in Bihar were given preference over even NET/JRF and thus major share of the seats had gone to the MLA/ MP quota. The more able souls who had qualified the NET were often neglected and shown the door. If the same is happening in Gujarat it is not surprising, as overlapping and very fluid UGC regulations give way to such confusion and stalemates in regard to recruitment of teachers.
    No way U G C should change the essential qualifications for recruitment of Asst. Professor, rather it opt for more rigorous PhDs, which is seriously flawed/ blemished/ imperfect in Indian educational System and often we get brickbats from the western academia of producing the half-baked , substandard PhDs. M Phil/ PhD should be the base for higher education / research or Teaching. NET test should be designed in such a way as to give chance to genuine scholars only. They come out winner and eventually get selected into the teachers’ domain. For better output in researches / teaching, UGC not only increase the amount of fellowship JRF /Net but also the number of fellowships awarded. The govt. of India is better advised to increase the Budget allocation to higher education and researches for raising the standard of Education in India.
    The hold-ups and logjams in regard to selection committees to be removed in colleges and universities, and no post should remain vacant for the want of selection committees. The want of selection committees’ often stifle the flourishing institutions, rot the bright young talent to non-performing lot. Much number of great institutions of repute has faded into almost oblivion due to want of selection committees.

  16. Although Ugc hade made NET/SET OR Ph.d condition manadatory for recruitment of Assistant Prof in university or colleges but there is no parity of conducting SET in states&quality of setting question is of Low&how it is given equal weighage to Ugc net.Only one parameter Should be followed to maintain quality of higher Education&ugc should not flexible to change the norms again&again because it cretes ambiguity among the educated youth which is spoiling there bright future.

  17. The ambiguity of UGC : NEt is the eligibility for registration in Ph.D and so here Ph.D is considered above NET NET is also eligibility for Assitant Professor but Ph.D is not essential for Assitant Professor. Here NET is treated above Ph.D.
    THose who join as Lecturer with NET will be busy in their Ph.D work as they could not go ahead further with Ph.D. There is hardly any interest in teaching. THey may use their students for data collection and other works. Hence, Ph.D must be only criterion for Assistant Professor.
    In one day written examination, how can the communication skills of the candidate can be assessed I can’t understand. The communication skills are very very essentila for any teacher. That should be tested which is possible only in Ph.D Colloquium presentation before the BOS and defence the research scholar offers to the queries of the members in pre Ph.D and in viva etc. This aspect the UGC may kindly refer and may give a serious thought and a clear stream should be given without any ambiguity. This ambiguity is playing with many academicians lives.

  18. Its a good idea that Asst. Lecturer must possess PhD degree from a recognised institution, not from any ‘tom dick and harry’ deemed to be university. If sufficient applicants are not in supply, then College or University must verify whether they have registered for PhD in a recognised University, while applying for the post. If atleast this criteria is fulfilled, then he can be considered for the post , subject to other requirements, as, Asst. lecturers will be on probation for 5 years. Within this time, they have to complete PhD and get degree, only after which they should be considered for confirmation in service. UGC may consider such relaxations, if State Govt.s are able to convince them.