Present govt has done the most for science: CNR Rao

Renowned scientist CNR Rao has said that the present
government has done the most for science in India. He said this government has
given maximum monetary assistance to science than any other government so far.

He was speaking at the presentation of Vision Group Science
and Technology awards at the National Institute of Advanced Sciences,

“We cannot do without government support. I have to
acknowledge that the present administration has done the most in financial
assistance to science than any other government. What was a Rs 2-crore budget
is now almost Rs 40 crore,” said Rao.

Rao who felicitated various teachers from different cities
of southern India said these honours were just one way of recognizing science
talent and people from areas other than Bangalore. “We have awardees from
Gulbarga, Bagalkot, Davanagere, Mangalore and other cities. My dream is the
growth of science in rural areas. Young people and teachers need to be
recognized. When teachers are recognized, they’ll encourage students,” he

Stressing on the importance of infrastructure for
development of science and education in rural areas, he said “There are no
benches or electricity and students have to trudge a long way to school. I’d
sit on the classroom floor and study. The teachers were so good then. What we
need now are similar teachers and better infrastructure.”

Narasimha said he was glad to see winners of awards from
other than Bangalore. “I believe a lot of work is happening in rural
areas, whose impact we need to still see. A life in science is very long and
will stop only when you want it to stop.”

[Source: Times of India]



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