President calls upon teachers to play vital role in spread of education

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has called upon the
teachers and the enlightened sections of the society to play a vital role in
the spread of education.

While delivering the seventh Vidyasagar Memorial
Lecture at Vidyasagar University he said that the society has invested in each educated
person through the education system and programmes. In turn, the educated
persons also have a responsibility to the country and its people.

The President also referred to the fact of no Indian
University having found a place among the top 200 world-class universities and
called for introspection by all concerned. We have to think as to what is lacking
and what we have failed to put together to get the desired result despite of
having no lack of talented teachers and students, the President said. India
dominated the educational system the world over for about 1800 years starting
from the 6th century BC.

He said that, to stem social degradation, educational
institutions have a primary responsibility of inculcating our core
civilizational values like respect for women in the students.

The President, on this occasion, laid the foundation stone
of the Administrative building of the Vidyasagar University.

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