President emphasizes on global collaborations for improving science education

The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee has stated
that greater internationalization and collaboration with top global institutes,
hiring of foreign faculty and drawing of students from abroad must receive
sustained focus.

The President while delivering the Convocation
Address at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune
said that science plays a vital role in the advancement of human life.

He also inaugurated the Academic Complex of the
Institute and an Innovation Exhibition.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said study of
science is central to technological progress. To prepare Indian nation to
switch to a knowledge-based society, greater emphasis has been laid on science
education. IISERs are a product of this effort to push the country to the
frontiers of scientific knowledge.

The President said that Centres of Excellence must
be built to nurture the core competence of Indian institutions in select areas.

The President emphasized that Indian institutions
must never be found wanting in their proclivity for cutting-edge research. They
must identify and initiate new and frontier research, especially in
multi-disciplinary areas in energy, environment and health. They must forge
collaborations with reputed international institutions, which they can leverage
for international research funding. They must promote innovation and act as a
platform for the flowering of ingenuous ideas in common man.

The President also mentioned that Indian
institutions and other stakeholders in the educational domain must have the
requisite functional systems within them to realize the multiple goals for
quality up-gradation.

He said, “This calls for a governance structure in
the higher academic institutions that is flexible, monitorable and transparent.
This will facilitate quick decision-making and enable adequate support for
creative pursuits. He said that Indian country today requires a pool of
talented science graduates. IISERs must be geared to train students to pursue
rewarding careers in science and technology.”

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