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Ranking parameters should suit Indian higher education system

Numbers of Nobel laureates, number of foreign students,
teacher student ratio are the criterions on which universities are ranked in
world university rankings by international agencies.  If universities fail to score on these points
they are nowhere and very few or none Indian universities could score well on
these parameters.  Once JNU, DU and IITs
were there among the top 200 globally but now they are not. We will not be able
to figure among top universities unless there are criterions that suits Indian higher
education system, there is nothing worng with our system.

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192 thoughts on “Ranking parameters should suit Indian higher education system”

  1. it is very displeasing to see the ranking of indian educational institutions at international level. India has a lot of potential to excel and may stand even among
    top 100, provided there is need of developing facilities and environment parallel to the best international institutions.

  2. I sincerely agree with the comment. The standards set up are not conducive with Indian education system, rather developing nations system. It is also a time proven fact that Indian Universities concentrate on generating the ‘BABUS’ and not scientists or good thinkers. With specific reference to the Engineering field, our approach is to churn out the budding engineers from the age old set syllabus & not to permit new entry or approach to the developing field in industry expected applied science or future trend in pure science. To note a small unit, the subjects like Physics & Chemistry are loaded in the first year engineering syllabus, which is already taught in XI & XII standards, keeping out the subjects like fracture mechanics, Seismic analysis out from syllabus!