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Regional Universities need to play bigger role to develop Himalayan region

The great Himalayas are much more than the habitat for the population thriving on these mighty mountains with extreme environmental conditions, known as the land of gods, goddesses and point of origin for the holy rivers GANGA and YAMUNA enriching the body, soul and sprit of human civilization of the world in general and Indians in particular. Difficult geographical and climatic conditions, various natural calamities and disasters have affected the life of people in this region in the recent past.

There is an urgent need of the time to address the issues using effective planning and policies to improve the overall life of the stakeholders by making them aware about new discoveries, technologies and imparting employable education like vocational courses. Universities and their expertise can make significant difference to architect effective and sustainable planning and policies leading to poverty reduction and employment generation by calibrating available human resources, equipment and technologies.

The universities located in the Himalayan region can take lead to deliver the requirements by addressing and troubleshooting the local issues through their research programs. Universities should not restrict them only up to the teaching and research organizations, rather they should come up as the advanced centre of applied research and their ambassadors (The students) should contribute in nation building by using their skills in food, dairy, agriculture, medicines, energy and other sectors. The curriculum based on society, economy, ecology, science and technology can provide innovative approaches to the rural and regional programmes through integrated approach supported by ICT and e-governance.


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