Rs 5K cr granted to IISc for supercomputing project

Union Ministry of Science and Technology has sanctioned Rs
5,000 crore for national supercomputing development project to enhance
country’s supercomputing capacity and bring Indian institutions within the top
100 supercomputing countries in the world. The Indian Institute of Science
(IISc), Bangalore has been entrusted the responsibility of spearheading the

Speaking on the urgent need to better India’s position in
supercomputing, Prof N Balakrishnan, associate director, IISc said, “There
is an urgency among scientists and policy-makers that India has fallen behind
in supercomputing. India is currently ranked 140th in the world; it was ranked
third in 2007. The fall is drastic and alarming and has to be arrested
immediately. IISc and DST will work to revive the country’s original

Supercomputing involves capacity building, and not just
fabrication and setting up of computers. The capacity-building requires right
technology – range of sensors, plenty of intelligence-related equipment,

“Industries will employ specialized technology researchers
to build technology and equipment. Overall, the IISc-DST project should be a
vehicle for growth of technology industry,” Balakrishnan explained.

The senior researchers of IISc has blamed lack of investment
over time and absence of grand national challenges in the computing world as
the reason for the downfall of India ‘s supercomputing powers .

[Source: Times of India]



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