Rs. 80,000 cr for higher education in 12th plan: Kapil Sibal

Union Ministry for Human Resource and Development has
finalized a budget worth of Rs. 80, 000 crores to revitalize the higher
education sector in India. The sum would be utilized to improve access to
colleges and universities. It is the biggest ever allocation for higher

HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has said that 200 new universities
and a degree college in each district of India will be opened in the next five
years. In addition to new institutions, many of the existing colleges will be
upgraded either into universities or autonomous colleges having powers to award
degrees. The aim is to increase the gross enrollment ratio (GER), from present
around 17% to 30% by the year 2020.

“We have asked for Rs. 20,000 crore for opening new
universities in the 12th plan,” he said.

Out of the Rs. 80, 000 crores, a large amount will be
awarded to state governments to improve higher education in rural areas. The
Central government share in higher education funding to the states will also be

As of now, the Centre shares just 35% of the cost of
starting a new higher education institution. In the 12th plan (2012-17), Sibal
said, the government proposes to increase the Central share to 65% and 90% for
the north-eastern states.

This, according to the ministry, will give an incentive to
the state governments to submit proposals for starting new higher education

The HRD ministry believes that its new national vocational
education framework that allows bachelors degree in vocational education
streams will help in increasing the gross enrollment ratio.

[Source: Hindustan Times]

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21 thoughts on “Rs. 80,000 cr for higher education in 12th plan: Kapil Sibal”

  1. If people are thinking that this fund will improve the Quality of teachers, then it would be be-fooling oneself. There is no dearth of quality human resource in India; if question is only of Quality Teaching and Teachers. The real problem is that the breed of Professors itself is at the verge of extinction. The people who deserve these positions and are capable of transforming the education scenario are not getting selected. On the other hand, the individuals who are getting selected are of the type, who by hook or crook to earn livelihood are taking up the job. For them it’s immaterial that they are Professors, Administrators, Clerks, Ticket Checker and many like this.

    Another problem being that it’s difficult to comprehend as to why UGC is hell bent on compromising with quality of human resource. They announce cut of dates for selection of Lecturers for those who completed their few degrees prior to a particular date. The simple fact is that if they are worth being Lecturers, certainly NET will not be a problem for them. i.e., if they have knowledge as claimed by degrees, why will they not be able to clear a NET, whose standard has itself been compromised beyond compromising limits by making it solely objective test. The day is not far when you will have teachers who cannot speak or write a single line correctly and only teach by SMS [Short Message service] language.

  2. Why not Dr. Sibbal thinking about the poor system in state universities even teachers are not getting paid even they are contractual or adhoc for many years and poorly paid almost equivalent to a peon/clerk. Is this money can directly be diverted to universities with clear mandate and objectives by monitoring the implementation of same by the apics bodies like UGC etc. First of all, all the teachers in higher education who are in government /private institution should be regularized without compromising the quality to maintain the stablity in quality of higher education. How a people paid poorly for same work in same organization can satisfy himself and give is 100% to teaching. If government dont know this fact then why they are just showing up this kind of huge investments.