Shakir Ali bags National Award for Eminent Educationist in Digital Education

Shakir Ali, the founder and MD of eMerchant Digital
Solutions conferred a national recognition by The Indus Foundation.

Shakir Ali who is committed for Digital Education was chosen
this year’s National Award for Eminent Educationists in Digital Education. The
award was formally presented to Shakir Ali in a Valedictory Function of
Indo-American Education Summit at Hyderabad through the hands of Justice G.
Raghuram, Judge, Andhra Pradesh High Court.

The National Award for Eminent Educationist in Digital
Marketing aims at promoting educational entrepreneurship as one of the key
drivers for sustained social and economic development. The awards are meant to
inspire the next wave of educational leaders and innovators who can add value
to society and empower others to create a better future.

The eMerchant Digital Academy imparts training to working
and non-professionals in digital marketing and contributes in the penetration
of e-commerce medium in the MSME segment. The National Award for Eminent
Educationist recognizes this effort and outstanding contribution made on the
post-secondary level by Shakir Ali as the founder of eMerchant Digital

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