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Shimla Study Centre at Academic Staff College, HP University: Arranges the best resource persons for unmatched learning experience

Himachal Pradesh University was founded on July 22, 1970. It is located at
Summer Hill which is at a distance of 5 kms from the main town, Shimla. The
University is nestled amidst tall and lush green trees of deodars, oats, pines
and rhododendrons. The University campus occupies an area of 200 acres and has
been designed to possess a distinctive architectural style. Himachal Pradesh
University is the only multi-faculty and affiliating University in the state.
As the University motto says it stands for the onward march of the human race
towards even higher. In the campus of HP University lie the IGNOU study centre
1114 (P) at the UGC Academic Staff College for Management Studies.

Kulwant Singh Pathania who is the Director of the UGC Academic Staff College
also looks after the IGNOU study centre 1114 (P). He is doctorate in the field
of Commerce. He has a teaching experience of 24 years and has also been
associated with IGNOU since 1992 under various capacities. He joined IGNOU as a
counselor and later became the coordinator at the study centre. This study
centre came into existence in the year 2000. This programme study centre caters
to the learners who pursue education in the management sector.

Pathania while speaking on the content and quality of the study material said
that it is well framed and as per the national standards and guidelines. He
said that efforts of the experts are seen in the way the content has been
modeled in form of self-instructional mode. But, he feels, there are some basic
courses/modules which needs revision and upgradation, especially those which
have data and statistics. For instance course number three on ‘Economic and Social
Environment’ has redundant data which should be rectified soon.

He said mostly
there are no problems pertaining to non-receival or delay of study materials
but it cannot be completely ruled out that there are absolutely no cases as
such. But to satisfy these learners and help them, he said, the officials play
a very important role in the Regional Centre. He shared that the Regional
Centre is very cooperative and guide the learners in all respects. In fact, to
run the programmes, he said, “we take help of the lecturers and professors from
the universities especially those who are bureaucrats and technocrats and also working
in this education sector with adequate experience”.

the recent achievement, Prof. Pathania said that, “being a part of the HP
University, we manage to arrange good resource persons who have excelled in
their fields”. Thus, this learned and experienced faculty helps in generating
enthusiasm among the learners as they get to learn new things each day. The
learners have regular counseling sessions with these stalwarts who enable them
to respond well during their counseling sessions and examinations. Whereas on
the other hand the Regional Centre makes every effort to provide guidance and
support not only to the centre but also to the learners by providing
infrastructure and facility which includes internet, television, library and
other materials. Prof. Pathania believes that the infrastructure in comparison
to other study centers is well developed with all the latest technological
developments. While speaking on the future developmental plans, he strongly
believes that the study centre in near future should get regular staff for the
smooth functioning with greater efficiency. 

by Ezra John

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