Sibal defends IIT, IIM faculty; blames focus on graduation for lack of research

Human Resource Development minister Kapil Sibal has said that the sole focus of government on graduation was a key factor for lack of research in leading institutions of the country. The minister said this while defending the faculties of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

Sibal was responding to the questions regarding the controversy over environment and forests minister Jairam Ramesh’s criticism of the faculty of IITs and IIMs.

Sibal said that initially most of the courses offered by at the IITs were of graduation level and those who wanted to pursue further studies went abroad. He added that the research studies begin at post-graduation level and India has lagged behind in giving priority to research.

“The country spends only eight billion dollars for research, while United States spends 250 billion dollar and China also spends over 50 billion dollars on research. Research was not the focus areas when it came to IITs and IIMs. Even postgraduate courses were out of focus at these institutions,” he said.

“When there was not enough spending for research, how can the faculty be held responsible,” Sibal questioned. He pointed out that post-graduate studies are now being accorded considerable priority in these institutes.

The minister said that despite less spending, the country still tops the world when it comes to the quality of the research done by these IITs and IIMs faculties.

Elaborating on his ministry’s target to improve education standards in the country, Sibal said,”I want five to seven Indian institutes to figure in list of the world-class institutions. We are now going in for education reforms and the focus is now shifted to postgraduate courses in these institutions and simultaneously more focus will be on research.” The Union government is bringing out change in the governance structure of IIMs and IITs, he added.

[Source: Times of India]

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15 thoughts on “Sibal defends IIT, IIM faculty; blames focus on graduation for lack of research”

  1. I feel pity for both Ministers Viz Mr Sibbal and Mr JaiRam Ramesh. First of calling an institute or university a world class needs some well defined criterion. I am sure it is not properly known to the top policy planners and even most of the directors and vice chancelors.It is matter of shame that our own ministers and important functionaries are negaged in needless discussions when we know that due to social and cultural requirements we can not do everything to support only merit and encourage meritorious items. Right from reservations to neptoism and favoratism and also our most endeared virtues-corruption, we are always world class from bottom.
    jaiRam Ji is minister since last 15 years but he is still a state minister of course with independent charge, where as kapil ji directly became the cabinet but he is also junior to Raja who is in Tihar. Now Jai ram can apply his late Dhirubhai theory to become at least a cabinet minister. Perhaps he is thinking that such nonsence utterance can help him to meet his goal.
    In true sense, it is our wrong way to judge the institutions based on presence of noble laureates and some top class innovations like computer, engine, elctricity, DNA mechanism etc. Let us learn from the common sense and also from histoy that such genious minds can not be university dependent. They are destined and born to do that kind of thing only. It is good luck that some of them studied at MIT or Trinity or cambridge or Oxford. Even our great C.V Raman Sir was not a product of some very best system of education. Let us analyse the MIT from this angle. Every year, around 20,000 students are getting degree from MIT but even less than 5% of them are doing some exceptional thing. It also does not produce noble laureates every year nor every one teaching at MIT are discovering breakthrough products or doing unique research. All the sophisticated electronic war fare items used by American Air Force or best luxury car in world are not produced in MIT or Trinity or Stanford, then why we wish to judge the universities on these paprameters.
    Best way to judge an University or institution is to measure its ability in training and imparting knowledge in different domains of life so that students joining it became a hardworking, intelligent and responsible human being and they should contribute their best when they join their profession of choice. The best bodies should create an ambience so that merit should flourish and gets boost and less meritorious should also struggle to cope with pressure to adjust highly competitive environment. When Govt interferes with pass fail criteria and call IIT Directors to comply the directive of one commision so that students of one class or community should be declared pass. This happened in two IITs and also fifty percent seats are filled in these bodies which are lacking merit. Jai ram Ji was also part of that Govt which makes it mandatory for IIT and IIM to follow reservation policy in faculty selection. Now can any system be called world class when such type of lawmakres are their on top. It is most deplorable situation for this country that we have leader like jai ram Ji and Sibbal saheb.

  2. In a country where Secondary School teachers have been approved as the Ph.D. supervisors, the fate of the higher education can be anybody’s guess. In this country, where a school teacher holding the degrees of M.Sc. and B.Ed. is the Dean of Faculty of Education of a State University the talk of quality concerns is a sham. I’m talking of Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner (Rajasthan). The Norms and Standards framed by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) are grossly being grossly violated, and we talk of the quality concerns.

  3. I graduated from IIT and very well know that our professors are of world class level. It is shame to see the govt. doing nothing for them. What they do ?? These ministers comment and then forget and nothing else.

  4. As Mr.Sudhanshu have advocated them to be worldclass.If they are really world class,what are they doing with attempters as researchers/PhD/MTech.Without any limit on maximum number of attempts of B.E. of students for admission in MTech./PhDs , level of research can be easily defined without guessing.